Michelle is the host of Life, Repurposed, a podcast to help listeners find uplifting and practical advice for everyday living, creative inspiration for do-it-yourself projects, and recommendations for books and resources that will encourage you to embrace your life, repurposed. New episodes come out weekly.

Check out tips, resources, and inspiration in the detailed blog posts with show notes for each episode on the Life, Repurposed blog page.

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In this episode: In this encore episode, learn about secrets to a long marriage based on friendship, get four ready-to-print downloads for wedding shower games, plus a fun bonus freebie, and recommendations for resources that could help your marriage. (Article contains affililate links. This means that when you click a ... Listen to episode
In this episode: How we handle ourselves when we're wrong says a lot more about us than being wrong about something does. If we handle it with maturity and grace, that shows humility. But if we get defensive and argumentative, it shows emotional immaturity. (Article contains affililate links. This means ... Listen to episode
In this episode: There is a lot of stuff going on in our world right now. This means a lot of opportunities to argue, for people to follow their gut and then make a mistake, for not being prepared enough for financial stress, and for choices that could lead to ... Listen to episode
In this episode: I’d rather laugh about what I can’t change instead of grumbling about it. I'll aim to embrace hard times as an opportunity for God's power to shine, even if that isn't my first reaction. This week I talk about one man in the Bible who understood God's ... Listen to episode
In this episode: This week, I talk with Jill Savage, where we discuss how to prepare for and experience joy in the empty nest phase of life. Learn what to let go of and then what we need to grab hold of as we transition from raising children to releasing ... Listen to episode
In this episode: There could be a silver lining in growing older and turning silver. It could be a perspective change about how we think about challenges that are out of our control, or it might be the ability to laugh in the face of wrinkles and chin hairs. Either ... Listen to episode

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