Life Repurposed with host Michelle Rayburn helps you on your quest for inspiration, practical guidance, and a renewed purpose as you navigate the evolving chapters of life, including questions about faith and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Join other resilient midlife explorers who approach their past, present, and future armed with a sense of humor and a willingness to find hope in the "trashy stuff" of life. Laughter and faith are our trusted companions on the path to discovering life's unexpected treasures.

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Podcast Episodes and Show Notes

Stay or Go: Church Choices and Spiritual Journeys

Did you stay in a church for the kids? Would you stay for your friendships? In Episode 195 of “Life Repurposed,” Michelle Rayburn discusses the topic of staying or leaving a church, particularly as individuals navigate changes in their lives and spiritual journeys. Drawing from personal experiences, biblical examples, and insights from experts, Michelle explores the complexities and considerations involved in discerning this spiritual path. Listeners are encouraged to prioritize their relationship with God, embrace change with faith, and seek guidance when contemplating a new church community. This episode provides valuable reflections and practical guidance for those grappling with the […]

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Love Comes with Maturity—If We Cultivate It

In Episode 194 of “Life Repurposed,” Michelle emphasizes the transformative power of love as the foundation for rebuilding and enriching lives. With a focus on practical ways to cultivate love, the episode explores empathy, compassion, active listening, and seeking to understand others’ unique life stories and worldviews. She discusses the importance of extending acts of kindness, practicing forgiveness, and embracing love as a guiding principle in relationships, communities, and society. The episode also delves into the role of loving others, emphasizing emotional and soul maturity aligning with love and understanding the bigger picture of life. Join us as we prioritize […]

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Uncover Passions and Live with Intention

In this episode, host Michelle Rayburn explores the importance of pursuing passions and overcoming obstacles in midlife. She shares personal stories and practical tips for reigniting a sense of purpose, embracing uncertainty, and investing in personal growth. Listeners are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, confront fears, and pursue their true aspirations with courage and conviction. Join Michelle as she challenges you to live each day with intention and embrace the beauty of self-discovery.   Michelle Rayburn is an author and podcast host who helps others find hope in the trashy stuff of life. She has an MA […]

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Midlife Memory Hacks, Task Management, and Renewed Purpose

Discover practical tips and playful insights for navigating life’s adventures and memory lapses. Learn memory-boosting strategies, organizational hacks, and how to thrive in midlife and beyond. Rediscover the joy of living fully in the present moment while staying organized and embracing new experiences. Gain practical tips for navigating forgetfulness and maximizing productivity amidst life’s chaotic moments. Join Michelle as she inspires and empowers you to celebrate each day as an opportunity to create memories, pursue passions, and connect with the world around you. Series: Midlife Mixtape: Rocking Out to the Soundtracks of Our Middle Years   Michelle Rayburn is an […]

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Life Repurposed is where midlife meets inspiration, practical guidance, and renewed purpose amid life’s evolving chapters. We navigate faith questions and messy, uncertain twists with humor and a commitment to pursue treasure, even in the trashy stuff.

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Guests on the show are mostly by invitation or through a referral from a mutual connection. Unsolicited pitches for guest appearances need to demonstrate an understanding of the show's format and target audience and have a tie-in to the idea of how God repurposes hardships, disappointments, and struggles for his glory. Books recommended on the show are vetted carefully via reviews.

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