Michelle is the host of Life, Repurposed, a podcast to help listeners find uplifting and practical advice for everyday living, creative inspiration, and recommendations for books and resources that will encourage you to embrace your life, repurposed. Discover God in the midst of life's difficulties. New episodes come out weekly.

Check out tips, resources, and inspiration in the detailed blog posts with show notes for each episode on the Life, Repurposed blog page.

Recent Episodes

In this episode: What does it mean to give up our rights? And what would happen if we lived in such a way that we were conformed to the mindset of Jesus? This week, we consider how our actions could be the only indication that someone else might have of ... Listen to episode
In this episode: In a season where we long for peace and hope, one of the best ways to find it is in time spent with God. But how can we keep up the habits when distractions and busyness interfere? Author Stephenie Hovland gives helpful tips and shares a link ... Listen to episode
In this episode: Michelle talks with her husband, Phil, about how she tried deer hunting and he tried her hobbies as they discovered more about each other and learned to appreciate their uniqueness. Laugh along as they talk about the debut of their new book for couples. (Article contains affiliate ... Listen to episode
In this episode: In honor of the launch day of their book, Phil and Michelle play a game of "Would You Rather?" Enjoy a few laughs as they discuss questions about money, work, time, and love. (Article contains affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a ... Listen to episode
In this episode: A fun conversation between Michelle and Phil Rayburn as he makes his first appearance on the show. Listen in as they practice a set of discussion questions for date night. (Article contains affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, I ... Listen to episode
In this episode: Sometimes what keeps us stuck in the past is our own mindset. The apology from an offender might never come. And restitution might not be possible. But what if we could move forward and not punish ourselves for things we can't undo? The future is wide open ... Listen to episode

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Guests on the show are mostly by invitation or through a referral from a mutual connection. Unsolicited pitches for guess appearances must demonstrate an understanding of the show's format and target audience. Books recommended on the show are vetted carefully via reviews.

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