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Couples / Marriage / Humor

Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs

(Marriage and Family, Humor)

Cruise around in the front seat of our 30-year marriage and discover tools to take your own marriages into the next decade and beyond. Inspiration from God’s Word, honest and transparent stories from our adventure, humor, plus practical tips and tune-up questions that help other couples communicate their needs, dreams, hurts, desires, and happy memories with one another. Witty comments from Phil (and some dad jokes) that appear in speech balloons.

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Women's Christian Living / Humor


The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: When God Turns Trash to Treasure

(Women's Christian Living and Humor)

Are there experiences you'd rather toss in the dumpster? Discover the repurposed and upcycled life. With her laugh-out-loud way of looking at life, Michelle will help you see how some of your greatest disappointments, mistakes, and hurts can be beautiful treasures from God. Part memoir, part inspiration and self-help, this book will help you move forward with new purpose, even in the midst of the trashy stuff of life.

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Jewel: A Parable About Living as a Precious Treasure

(Children's Book)

More than a simple fairytale or children's book, this heartwarming story inspires young girls with a parable that demonstrates how precious they are in the eyes of God. Jewel discovers how to live as a daughter of the king while waiting for the moment when the prince would carry her off to her forever castle. Discussion questions at the end for conversations about faith.

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Women's Bible Study


The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: A Women's Small Group Bible Study

(Bible Study and Spiritual Growth)

A workbook (8.5x11 inches) to accompany the book. Small group discussion, Bible study, doodles to color and optional at-home application. A study for busy women with easy prep for leaders and very little homework.

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Coming in January 2021


(Bible Study)

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