Life Repurposed with host Michelle Rayburn helps you on your quest for inspiration, practical guidance, and a renewed purpose as you navigate the evolving chapters of life, including questions about faith and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Join other resilient midlife explorers who approach their past, present, and future armed with a sense of humor and a willingness to find hope in the "trashy stuff" of life. Laughter and faith are our trusted companions on the path to discovering life's unexpected treasures.

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Do We Use “God is In Control” to Cover Up Our Neglect?

Today, I’m adding a new feature to the blog. I thought I’d tackle a hot topic (or maybe it’s more of a hot-button issue) to get you thinking. I’ll be bringing up some topics for thought on Thursdays in the future too. I hear the phrase “God is in control” often, but sometimes, it seems as though we use it to cover up our own lack of prayer and planning. For example, let’s say I procrastinate a project that’s as big as Mount Rushmore, and then the night before it’s due, I sit down and try to extract an idea […]

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Get Creative: Free Printable Cards & More

If you’re looking for something cute and creative, but you’re fresh out of ideas, How Does She has some really fun printable projects. Just subscribe to the newsletter (see the pink box at the bottom of her blog page) and you’ll receive the password for the downloads. At the top of the list, you’ll find some back to school printables. If you’re like me, you take pictures on the first day of school. Just print the appropriate sign for your child’s grade and have him or her hold it in the picture. Here is an example from How Does She: […]

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To The Parents of the Class of 2011

We have one more graduation party to attend today, so I thought I’d share with you the thoughts I posted in my monthly column in Wisconsin Christian News last month:  My oldest son graduates this year and right now, our house is all graduation talk. Photos. Invitations. Parties. Cleaning for our open house. He’s trying to decide what to say in his speech. I’m trying to decide if we should have punch or lemonade. It’s a big event in his life and also my own. In each of his firsts, I’ve experienced my own first. Now, for the first time, […]

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Life Repurposed is where midlife meets inspiration, practical guidance, and renewed purpose amid life’s evolving chapters. We navigate faith questions and messy, uncertain twists with humor and a commitment to pursue treasure, even in the trashy stuff.

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