Michelle is the host of Life, Repurposed, a podcast to help listeners find uplifting and practical advice for everyday living, creative inspiration, and recommendations for books and resources that will encourage you to embrace your life, repurposed. Discover God in the midst of life's difficulties. New episodes come out weekly.

Check out tips, resources, and inspiration in the detailed blog posts with show notes for each episode on the Life, Repurposed blog page.

Recent Episodes

In this episode: Being shut in doesn't have to mean being shut out. In this episode, author Kathy Carlton Willis and I chat about how she's made the most of needing to stay isolated during COVID-19 and how she's made it into a ministry to others. Get practical ideas for ... Listen to episode
In this episode: If you had to choose just one thing for your next step, what would it be? What if a tiny pivot could change your direction and help you finish up the year 2020 strong and heading toward a better life? (Article contains affiliate links. This means that ... Listen to episode
In this episode: The coziness and comfort of HYGGE is more than just fuzzy socks, a candle, and a mug. It isn't a vignette. It's a way of life. We can grow the essence of hygge in our relationships whether online or in person. (Article contains affiliate links. This means ... Listen to episode
In this episode: This week, author Jane Rubietta talks with me about how we can find light in dark places and how we can shine that light on others. I hope you'll laugh along with us as we catch up and enjoy a hope-filled chat. (Article contains affiliate links. This ... Listen to episode
In this episode: Does it sometimes feel as if you're one mini-crisis from capsizing? These are days where people feel overwhelmed by the level of stress that has become part of everyday life. What do we do with the overwhelm? In this podcast episode, I talk about how we can ... Listen to episode
In this episode: In this episode, I talk with daughter and mom, Blythe Daniel and Dr. Helen McIntosh, about experiencing restoration and healed hearts in broken mother-daughter relationships. They talk about their book, Mended, and share their story of how Helen turned a difficult childhood into a ministry. I invite ... Listen to episode

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Guests on the show are mostly by invitation or through a referral from a mutual connection. Unsolicited pitches for guess appearances must demonstrate an understanding of the show's format and target audience. Books recommended on the show are vetted carefully via reviews.

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