Life Repurposed with host Michelle Rayburn helps you on your quest for inspiration, practical guidance, and a renewed purpose as you navigate the evolving chapters of life, including questions about faith and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Join other resilient midlife explorers who approach their past, present, and future armed with a sense of humor and a willingness to find hope in the "trashy stuff" of life. Laughter and faith are our trusted companions on the path to discovering life's unexpected treasures.

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Podcast Episodes and Show Notes

Rediscovering Your Place in the Pew

What does it really mean to belong in church? When do you know if you’ve found a church home? Michelle Rayburn discusses this and also briefly mentions a social media post from author and speaker Mary Demuth, who shared her own definition of a spiritual refugee, and the importance of finding a place where we can be vulnerable and truly belong in a church community. Michelle talks about the key factors that contribute to feeling at home in a church community, and how to overcome the barriers to connection in order to find belonging and build meaningful relationships. Whether you’re […]

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Is Critical Thinking Dead?

Is critical thinking dead? It doesn’t have to be! In this episode of Life Repurposed, we’re diving into the world of critical thinking and its profound impact on life, culture, Bible study, faith, and spirituality. Host Michelle Rayburn unpacks the importance of engaging with scripture in a discerning way, exploring diverse perspectives, and understanding historical and cultural contexts to avoid misinterpretation. But the conversation doesn’t stop there. We’ll also explore the surprising link between critical thinking and resilience to doubt and uncertainty, as well as the misconception that it challenges deeply held beliefs. Join us as we embrace the complexity […]

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Challenging Gender Roles in the Church: Empowering Women in Leadership and Ministry

As we journey through life, our perspectives and beliefs undergo a transformation, often challenging long-held traditions and assumptions. In Episode 197 of “Life Repurposed,” host Michelle Rayburn shares her personal journey of challenging traditional beliefs about biblical manhood and womanhood. Reflecting on her own evolving perspective and the influence of influential books, she explores the need for open dialogue and understanding within faith communities, particularly regarding women’s leadership in the church. Michelle offers practical steps for empowering women and emphasizes the importance of embracing diverse gifts for shared leadership. Michelle Rayburn is an author and podcast host who helps others […]

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A Candid Chat on Planning Ahead for an Empty Nest

Join Michelle and guests Amber Cullum (Grace Enough Podcast) and Amy Fritz  (Untangled Faith Podcast) in a candid and emotional conversation about planning for an empty nest. As midlife moms with kids at various stages, they share their thoughts, fears, and hopes about their children growing up and leaving home. From navigating the transition to preparing for empty nesting, this episode offers relatable insights and genuine conversations about the next chapter in parenting. Tune in for an honest and heartfelt discussion on Life Repurposed. Then hop over to to have a conversation about your questions and fears.   Michelle […]

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Life Repurposed is where midlife meets inspiration, practical guidance, and renewed purpose amid life’s evolving chapters. We navigate faith questions and messy, uncertain twists with humor and a commitment to pursue treasure, even in the trashy stuff.

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