Michelle is the host of Life, Repurposed, a podcast to help listeners find uplifting and practical advice for everyday living, creative inspiration for do-it-yourself projects, and recommendations for books and resources that will encourage you to embrace your life, repurposed. New episodes come out weekly.

Check out tips, resources, and inspiration in the detailed blog posts with show notes for each episode on the Life, Repurposed blog page.

Recent Episodes

In this episode: Eight ways to respond when your life is on hold and plans disrupted. Face the challenge with a perspective shift about delayed plans, uncertain future, and indefinite waiting. (Article contains affililate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, I might receive ... Listen to episode
In this episode: We can love others and bring glory to God even when unexpected circumstances shake us up. A repurposed life is one that is driven by a different approach to interruptions and crisis. It is one where there is peace when the “normal” response might be panic. It’s ... Listen to episode
God has been slowly changing me from someone who avoided people who have different worldviews from me to someone who wants to engage and learn. In this episode, I give some tips for how this perspective change looks in practical application. ... Listen to episode
In this episode: We have been subtly tricked into believing that fear is the voice we should listen to. We have become enemies of one another, champions of causes over people. What if we found new purpose for life and we shut out the fear and lived by love? (Article ... Listen to episode
In this episode: This might be tough to accept, but if you want to achieve a dream of any kind, you’re going to have to admit that no one else has more time in a day than you do. Others aren't just lucky. They weren't given more time. They learned ... Listen to episode
In this episode: In this episode, author and speaker Kathy Carlton Willis returns to talk about how she became God's Grin Gal and how she has discovered joy, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Learn how to grow your "JQ"—joy quotient. Inspired Life This week, I was joined on ... Listen to episode

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