Uncover Passions and Live with Intention

In this episode, host Michelle Rayburn explores the importance of pursuing passions and overcoming obstacles in midlife. She shares personal stories and practical tips for reigniting a sense of purpose, embracing uncertainty, and investing in personal growth. Listeners are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, confront fears, and pursue their true aspirations with courage and conviction. Join Michelle as she challenges you to live each day with intention and embrace the beauty of self-discovery.


Michelle Rayburn is an author and podcast host who helps others find hope in the trashy stuff of life. She has an MA in ministry leadership and writes Christian living books, humor, and Bible studies. Together with her husband, they've raised two sons and gained two daughters-in-law—plus three granddaughters (go estrogen team!) and a grandson. Dark chocolate, an iced coffee, and a good book in the hammock top Michelle's favorites list.

Show Notes

In this empowering episode, Michelle shares invaluable insights on reigniting passion and embracing self-discovery. She emphasizes the importance of seeking supportive relationships, overcoming fear of judgment, and expressing true desires and aspirations. She encourages listeners to resist complacency and fear of uncertainty, exploring various interests and experiences to ignite passion and purpose.

Michelle delves into the nature of passion, discussing the triggers of intense desire and personal struggles in finding true passion. She highlights the power of regret in motivating the pursuit of passions and provides practical strategies for reigniting passion, including embracing unconventional passions, turning regret into resilience, and setting actionable goals.

The episode touches on the significance of continuous learning, investment in personal growth, and interaction with supportive communities. Michelle shares her personal journey of attending conferences to enhance her writing skills and network, underscoring the value of committing to regular practice of passions.

Listeners are urged to embrace discomfort, take a leap of faith, and pursue passions with courage and conviction, emphasizing that growth often happens in moments of challenge. The call to action is to live every day with purpose and intention, embracing the beauty of life's chapter and nurturing passions while embracing the process of self-discovery with gusto.

Tune in to this episode for invaluable guidance on discovering and fostering passions, breaking free from comfort zones, and living a life filled with purpose and self-discovery.


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