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Practical biblical wisdom for everyday living, creative inspiration, and helpful resources. Grow your faith, improve your relationships, discover your purpose, and reach your goals with topics to encourage you to find hope amid the trashy stuff of life.

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Whether it's a seminar on writing or biblical teaching, Michelle connects with audiences on all levels. She blends practical advice, humor, and a personal connection with her audience. Women's events and writers conferences are her favorite opportunities!

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Discover the repurposed and upcycled life. Michelle will help you see how some of your greatest disappointments, mistakes, and hurts can be beautiful treasures. Check out books and Bible studies written by Michelle and compilation projects she's been part of.

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If your couch is covered in several loads of laundry and you can’t find two socks that match, and if there are petrified French fries in your back seat, I think we could be best friends. It’s a little easier now that my children have left the nest, but there was a time when my minivan had dried up milk under the child car seats, and my living room floor was a minefield of Lego pieces. Boy moms, can I get an amen?

Right now, there is dust on my television screen and 100 messages in my inbox, but I’m happy to kick back with an iced latte and a good book rather than work on either of those problems. And I would much rather be chalk-painting a yard-sale dresser than scrubbing my kitchen floor! I hope you’ll connect here and tell your friends to stop by too.

~ Michelle


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Get a sample chapter from The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: When God Turns Trash to Treasure plus the Bible study chapter to go with it.