Advancing Your Mission through Story and Strategy

Michelle has more than 20 years of experience as a freelance writer and has worked as a freelance editor as well. She has had hundreds of articles, devotionals and Bible studies published and has rejoiced with fellow writers when she plays a role in getting their books published through her freelance business, Mission and Media. As an experienced and detailed copy editor and proofreader, she will make sure you put your best professional work forward to your readers. This isn't a corporation. It isn't a publishing company either. Michelle works with a limited number of authors each year. Each independent author receives a boutique experience with personal attention as Michelle works as your editorial and design team to bring your book vision to life with custom covers and interiors. You become the publisher, and Michelle makes your work shine.

Consider hiring Michelle to:

  • Edit your book
  • Ghostwrite your book or articles
  • Design your book cover
  • Typeset the interior of your book
  • Create your e-book

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"Michelle’s heart is what makes a difference – she cares about the reader, as well as the author. Projects have always been completed on schedule, and Michelle has gone the extra mile numerous times."  

—Jeremiah, Publisher

"I'm a picky reader and it takes a certain kind of book to capture and keep my attention. This book did that and more. It moved me. I laughed and cried and was uplifted. Very well done book. Will read again." 

—a happy reader