Life Repurposed with host Michelle Rayburn helps you on your quest for inspiration, practical guidance, and a renewed purpose as you navigate the evolving chapters of life, including questions about faith and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Join other resilient midlife explorers who approach their past, present, and future armed with a sense of humor and a willingness to find hope in the "trashy stuff" of life. Laughter and faith are our trusted companions on the path to discovering life's unexpected treasures.

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Podcast Episodes and Show Notes

Love, Laughter, and Classic Marriage

Join host Michelle Rayburn and her husband, Phil Rayburn, as they share insights and playful banter about their 34-year marriage. They discuss intentional date nights and the value of communication. Tune in for a fun game of “would you rather,” their preferences in various scenarios, and a glimpse into their relationship dynamics. Having fun together is one of their secrets for a long marriage. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming and candid conversation about love and marriage. Subscribe to Michelle’s mailing list on Substack for bonus gifts and explore more resources in the Life Repurposed magazine. (Paid subscribers get chapter […]

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What Is a Born-Again Christian?

Is “born-again Christian” just a box to check on a survey? How does it apply to life today, and is it a label we still use, or has it been ruined by modern evangelicalism? Host Michelle Rayburn begins this thought-provoking episode with exploring the history and modern use of the term “born again” and its impact on the evangelical movement.She reviews the transformative journey of Nicodemus in John 3 and its parallels to the modern Christian experience. Go beyond a mere label as Michelle encourages listeners to embrace continual transformation and renewal that make being spiritual rebirth (being born again) […]

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“Christian” Is a Noun, and Scripture Is Not for Decoration

Is “Christian” a noun or an adjective, and what difference does it make? In Episode 185 of “Life Repurposed,” host Michelle Rayburn dives into the implications of the title “Christian” in various aspects of life. She explores the significance of embodying the qualities of Jesus in everyday decisions and challenges listeners to seek spiritual transformation over “plastic” versions of Christianity. What happens when we use Bible verses out of context for decoration on t-shirts, mugs, and wall art? Michelle also explores the importance of understanding the context of Bible verses to avoid misinterpretation and misapplication, providing practical tips to achieve […]

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What in the World Is a Biblical Worldview?

In Episode 184 of Life Repurposed, join host Michelle Rayburn as she shares explores the concept of “biblical worldview” and the diversity of interpretations within Christianity. Michelle discusses what aspects of life are affected by worldview and shares ways to appreciate theological diversity and avoid assuming uniformity among Christians. She explains the pitfalls of living in an echo chamber and the importance of embracing diverse beliefs without sacrificing core values. Michelle encourages embracing diverse beliefs while maintaining core values, and commits to delivering quality content and fostering open dialogue Michelle also shares her vision for the new season and her […]

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Life Repurposed is where midlife meets inspiration, practical guidance, and renewed purpose amid life’s evolving chapters. We navigate faith questions and messy, uncertain twists with humor and a commitment to pursue treasure, even in the trashy stuff.

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