Michelle is the host of Life, Repurposed, a podcast to help listeners find uplifting and practical advice for everyday living, creative inspiration, and recommendations for books and resources that will encourage you to embrace your life, repurposed. Discover God in the midst of life's difficulties. New episodes come out weekly.

Check out tips, resources, and inspiration in the detailed blog posts with show notes for each episode on the Life, Repurposed blog page.

Recent Episodes

In this episode: Being aware of when we feel the most lonely could help us learn to pay attention to how we can include someone else. It helps us notice how we can serve others. Awareness of our own struggle can also help us repurpose something negative into an opportunity ... Listen to episode
In this episode: No one really needs to hear my words about racial injustice right now, but I do think someone needs my voice. There is a difference between throwing words out there and being a voice. We can be a voice with few words. Being a voice means I ... Listen to episode
In this episode: More than ever before, digital communication is a vital means of staying connected with others. But sometimes a little social media distancing is needed to preserve relationships when opinions burn hot, passion is ignited, and misinformation is abundant. Why not reclaim digital media for positive influence! (Article contains ... Listen to episode
In this episode: In this encore episode, learn about secrets to a long marriage based on friendship, get four ready-to-print downloads for wedding shower games, plus a fun bonus freebie, and recommendations for resources that could help your marriage. (Article contains affililate links. This means that when you click a ... Listen to episode
In this episode: How we handle ourselves when we're wrong says a lot more about us than being wrong about something does. If we handle it with maturity and grace, that shows humility. But if we get defensive and argumentative, it shows emotional immaturity. (Article contains affililate links. This means ... Listen to episode
In this episode: There is a lot of stuff going on in our world right now. This means a lot of opportunities to argue, for people to follow their gut and then make a mistake, for not being prepared enough for financial stress, and for choices that could lead to ... Listen to episode

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Guest Appearances

Guests on the show are mostly by invitation or through a referral from a mutual connection. Unsolicited pitches for guess appearances need to demonstrate an understanding of the show's format and target audience and have a tie-in to the idea of how God repurposes hardships, disappointments, and struggles for his glory. Books recommended on the show are vetted carefully via reviews.

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