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Starting Over: Andrea Gribble’s Story from Job Loss to Mompreneur

Andrea talks about her journey from losing her job to starting over in a completely new career path, finding a niche in social media management, and professional development for school social media champions.

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Repurposed Focus: Deeper Relationships by Showing Interest Others

In today’s world, it can be easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget about the needs of those around us. However, focusing on others is not only important, but it can also bring immeasurable rewards.

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Root Causes of Disordered Eating: Understanding Lies, Brokenness, and Vulnerability | Jennifer Smith Lane

Every day, women give in to distorted thinking that leads to disordered eating and body image ideals. Become empowered to walk victoriously over food and body image issues and transform your thinking.

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Balancing Perfectionism and Humility

From rooting out pride, to behind the scenes of season 6, to rapture theology, we cover a LOT of ground this week. An honest conversation about life lessons and spiritual growth, plus a peek at what Michelle is reading.

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