How Do We Balance Humility and Authenticity in the Pursuit of Influence?

In this episode:

Can we pursue a calling that involves promoting our work while still being authentic? The episode emphasizes the power of gratitude and contentment in our pursuit of influence. Michelle explores the contrast between humility and pride and encourages us to cultivate a heart of thankfulness and a spirit of rest in contentment. True gain is found in appreciating rather than accumulating, and it recalibrates our perspective, silencing comparison and envy.

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Show Notes

In this episode of Life Repurposed, host Michelle Rayburn explores the transformative power of humility, gratitude, and contentment. She discusses the dangers of pride and the importance of valuing others above oneself. With insights from Scripture and personal anecdotes, Michelle guides independent creatives on striking a balance between self-promotion and authenticity. Join her on this journey of self-reflection and discover the secrets to building influence with humility.

Remember, it's not about the number of followers or accolades, but the impact we make when we walk humbly, honor God, and spread Christ's love. Let's embrace humility and gratitude, and watch how they transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

Key Topics

00:02:56 Balancing humility and influence is challenging.

00:06:07 Jesus lived selflessly, modeling humility and servitude. Philippians 2:3-4 guides us to think of others as better than ourselves, not just focusing on our own interests. However, in a world driven by business and self-promotion, how do we maintain humility? The author Caitlin Beatty explores this challenge in her book Celebrities for Jesus.

00:08:01 Embracing humility involves examining our motives and intentions. It challenges us to let go of self-centered desires and seek the well-being of others. This shift in perspective requires valuing every person we encounter, regardless of their background or opinions. In a culture obsessed with being number one, learning to value others above ourselves can be difficult.

00:13:40 Guard against spiritual erosion caused by pride. Pride creates a barrier between us and God, hindering our ability to experience his presence and guidance. Relying on ourselves leads to a lack of spiritual connection, while humility opens a door to deeper communication and sensitivity to God's leading. Cultivating humble confidence involves acknowledging our talents without hiding them.

00:15:39 Creating space for God's transformative work in our lives should be our focus. We often overlook blessings in our quest for growth, caught up in pride and influence. Gratitude and contentment impact our journey of influence. Paul's words in one Timothy remind us that true godliness with contentment is wealth. In our pursuit of influence, we must not forget to appreciate the blessings around us.

00:18:35 Gratitude, contentment, generosity: key to spiritual growth. These attitudes help us stay faithful, focused on God's will. They prevent complacency, while embracing blessings. Sharing our abundance impacts lives, spreading love. Gratitude and contentment also guard against pride.

00:23:02 Embrace humility, gratitude, and contentment for fulfillment.

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Memorable Quotes

"It's difficult for me to balance what I'm supposed to do to grow my platform and stay grounded in being the regular, everyday person I want to be."— Michelle Rayburn

“By staying connected to our source of worth in God and continually examining our motives, we can guard against the destructive pull of pride in our pursuit of influence."— Michelle Rayburn

“Let's cultivate a heart that beats with thankfulness, a spirit that rests in contentment, and a life that blossoms with the abundant joy of knowing that in God's economy, true gain is found not in accumulating, but in appreciating." — Michelle Rayburn


Katelyn Beaty’s book Celebrities for Jesus: How Personas, Platforms, and Profits Are Hurting the Church on my list.

The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible? by Kate Battistelli. (She’s coming up in an episode in a few weeks.)

The Making of Biblical Womanhood by Beth Allison Barr.


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