Unmasking Destructive Anger and Embracing Grace | Natalie Hixson

In this episode:

Michelle welcomes guest Natalie Hixson, a certified professional life coach who helps moms overcome anger and burnout. Natalie shares her personal journey of grappling with destructive anger and the steps she took to overcome it. From her own experiences with therapy, personal development, and serving others, Natalie offers valuable insights for moms struggling with anger issues. She emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, seeking support, and finding healthy ways to release and address anger. Don't miss this empowering and insightful conversation that will help moms navigate the challenges of parenthood and find peace in their daily lives.

About Natalie:

Natalie Hixson is a wife, mother, auntie, and certified professional life coach who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout. After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie became convicted to help other moms avoid those dark years of motherhood by helping them to appreciate and process their anger, learn to identify their triggers, and ultimately control their reaction to those triggering situations. She enjoys her own motherhood journey by hanging with her husband Mike and their three daughters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. She recharges with Jesus, coffee, and adventures with her family like skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer!

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Show Notes

In this episode Michelle chats with certified professional life coach Natalie Hixson to discuss overcoming destructive anger and finding support as a Christian mom. Sharing personal experiences and insights, Natalie opens up about her journey to control her anger and the impact it has had on her life and relationships. 

The episode explores the challenges of parenting in public and the pressures of worrying about what others think. Natalie recounts a powerful moment on an airplane when she had to navigate her oldest child's tantrum. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she learns to embrace her child's emotions and disregard societal expectations. 

Natalie emphasizes the importance of modeling vulnerability and recovery to children, normalizing feelings of anger, and teaching healthy ways to release it. She shares her own struggles with anger and her transformation through therapy, personal development, and serving others.

Throughout the episode, listeners are encouraged to seek support and find safe spaces to express their struggles authentically. Natalie offers practical advice, including using journaling prompts to identify triggers and taking responsibility for actions, and provides a trigger tracker tool on her website.

This informative and empowering episode provides valuable insights and resources for moms who are navigating the challenges of anger and seeking a healthier approach to parenting and personal growth. Listeners are encouraged to download the free resource and continue the journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

  1. Embracing Vulnerability: The episode highlights the significance of embracing vulnerability as a parent.
  2. Overcoming Destructive Anger: Michelle and Natalie emphasize how destructive anger differs from acceptable anger. They encourage listeners to understand the triggers of their anger and find healthy ways to release and process it.
  3. Finding Support: The importance of seeking support is another key theme discussed in this episode. Michelle shares her own experience of finding solace and understanding in a Mothers of Preschoolers group, where she could openly discuss her struggles with other mothers who could relate.  Natalie recommends reaching out to trusted friends, a pastor, or finding someone with similar challenges to talk to. Additionally, she emphasizes the power of honesty and vulnerability within book clubs, Bible study groups, and women's prayer groups.

This episode encourages listeners to embrace vulnerability, seek support, and find healthy ways to process and express their anger. Whether it's learning to model vulnerability to children, identifying triggers, or finding safe spaces to share struggles, this episode offers a roadmap to overcoming destructive anger and leading a more fulfilling life.


Natalie Hixson's website: nataliehixson.com

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