Jennifer Dukes Lee on Doubt, Deep Questions, and the Transformative Power of Journaling

In this episode:

Guest Jennifer Dukes Lee opens up about doubt and faith and talks about the therapeutic value journaling holds. Discover how a simple journal can help you explore your emotions, discover your purpose, and even reconcile friendships. Plus, dive into the importance of being your authentic self and find out why Jennifer embraces the title Binder Girl. Learn what “itsuarpok” is, explore whether Michelle will survive a zombie apocalypse, and find out what spreading ashes, chocolate buffets, and weird stuff in Jennifer’s purse have in common.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Dukes Lee is a bestselling author, thinker, and question-asker from Iowa. Her friends say they are scared to sit alone in a room with her because they end up telling her things they never intended to say. She is both proud of this fact and also a little annoyed at how nosy she can be. She put a bunch of her favorite questions into a journal called Stuff I’d Only Tell God. It’s like your own little confession booth. She’s also the author of Growing Slow and It’s All Under Control. Learn more at

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Show Notes

This is a fun chat with Jennifer Dukes Lee, a bestselling author and deep thinker hailing from Iowa. Together, we explore the transformative power of journaling, rediscovering faith, and the beauty of embracing one's authentic self.

Jennifer shares her journey of compiling thousands of journaling prompts and questions, providing a starting point for both non-journalers and experienced writers. She emphasizes the therapeutic nature of writing, backed by secular counselors and therapists, and draws inspiration from the psalms to express the wide range of human emotions.

The importance of authenticity shines through in Jennifer's discussion of embracing one's unique quirks and style. She shares her experience of feeling comfortable with her trusty 3-ring binder at speaking engagements, embracing her authenticity even among impressive speakers who eschew notes.

With a refreshing perspective on doubt, Jennifer discusses her personal journey of questioning and rediscovering her faith. Her doubts led her on an intellectual pursuit of God, ultimately deepening her relationship with Him. She encourages listeners to express their doubts honestly to God and others, recognizing the potential for transformative growth.

I've kind of been hypercritical of younger Jennifer. I've seen her for the faults and the insecurities and the dumb things that she did, the mistakes that she made, the sins that she held on to, all kinds of things. And I created this almost like villain or monster version of my past selves. But there was this exercise where you write a letter to your younger you, whether it's 10 years ago you or 20 years ago you. And when I did that, I immediately broke out in tears because suddenly I no longer despise the earlier versions of me. I realized that that Jennifer made me that Jennifer that I am today. I am a result of all of the mistakes that she made. Yes. But all of the really risky, incredible, brave choices that she made … I mean, I looked back at younger me, and I was like, I don't hate you. I admire you. —Jennifer Dukes Lee

The conversation offers valuable insights and practical wisdom. From the therapeutic value of journaling to the rediscovery of faith and the importance of embracing authenticity, listeners are encouraged to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. To learn more, grab a copy of Jennifer's journal, Stuff I'd Only Tell God, and unlock the power of courageous honesty and self-discovery.


Jennifer's book on Amazon: Stuff I’d Only Tell God: A Guided Journal of Courageous Honesty, Obsessive Truth-Telling, and Beautifully Ruthless Self-Discovery

Or, find the book on the publisher's website at Baker Books, where it's always 30% off and you can get a sample chapter.

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