What You Do Today Matters

In this episode:

Sue Donaldson says, "Surrender every day. We have disappointments, but we surrender over and over." On this week's episode, we talked about how she walked through a period of doubt and how God brought her through that in steps that surprised her. We also talked about how taking the next step is where faith comes in.

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Inspired Life

My guest this week is Sue Donaldson. In this episode, we talked about how Sue learned how to trust God while she was single and waiting for him to show her who she was to marry. She was 35 when she and her husband married. Sue shared how she had grown up in the church but experienced doubts about faith after graduating from high school. While at a Christian college and participating the traveling musical ministry group, she was afraid to tell others that she was having doubts. But through a series of God events, he gave her reassurance from trusted mentors that he doubts were not too big for God to handle.

Sue would eventually teach at a Christian high school and then go on to ministry overseas with Wyclife Bible Translators in Brazil.

About Sue:

Speaker, author, Sue Donaldson and her husband, Mark, live in San Luis Obispo, California. Sue taught high school English, part of the time in Brazil with Wycliffe Bible Translators. She and her husband, Mark, have raised 3 daughters who keep them at the bank and on their knees. Sue loves connecting people to one another, to God, and to His Word, and has been speaking for the last 20 years or so with long pauses for babies, diapers and soccer pasta parties. She blogs at WelcomeHeart: Knowing and Showing the Heart of God and hosts a weekly podcast: Make it Count: Living a Legacy Life.

Life, Repurposed

A ministry friend once wrote to Sue, "It's a new day and I'm trusting God." She says that's a beautiful reminded that we need to trust God for one step, one day, at a time. Sometimes God's plans surprise us or take us in unexpected places.

Sue said she's been "knocking on the door of speaking" more because that's her real passion. But so much was canceled because of COVID-19 this year. That changed the opportunities. She said the Lord spoke to her one day and she sensed him say, "You're knocking on this door and I'm coming in the back window." Her "back window" is that she has been writing a lot more right now.

She's also been inviting people to meet in her back yard to continue her mentoring opportunities while following safe practices for COVID-19. She's found new ministry opportunities despite obstacles.

Sue mentors people of all ages and reminds them that our legacy begins at any age. That isn't only for old people. Her ultimate message is, "What you do today matters."

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Sue's books include:


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Be sure to check out Sue's podcast called Make It Count: Living a Legacy Life

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