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In this episode:

In this episode, I share an announcement about a new project related to this podcast that is just launched. If  you like to write, you'll want to learn more! I'm also announcing a new way to connect as a Life, Repurposed community. Yay!

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When I started my podcast 2 years ago, it was because I wanted to extend the message from my book The Repurposed and Upcycled Life into a forum where I could inspire listeners but also to feature other people’s stories and resources. I love how that continues to develop as more guests will be coming in the next months, and episodes will continue to offer practical advice for everyday living.

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I have something new to tell you about today that will expand the reach of Life, Repurposed. The thread that ties everything together in much of my writing work is how God turns trash into treasure, our junk repurposed for his glory. Borrowing from the popular trends of decorating with vintage junk, our stories show that flawed people can be used by God and that his power is made perfect in weakness.

I started out as a decorating blogger and ended up turning that into a much more meaningful message. Here’s the exciting news. I’m going to release a book in 2021 that features the stories of others who have experienced God’s repurposing. And I’m extending the invitation to submit stories for consideration to my writer friends and also my readers.

I know some of you out there have stories to share. Some of you are excellent writers but haven’t yet published anything. I’ve just posted a call for submissions for a book called: Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith.

Life, Repurposed

This will focus on stories of everyday people where God’s renovation is demonstrated in their before and after stories. These aren’t necessarily dramatic, but they could be. Sometimes God changes an attitude or a circumstance in a way that helps us to mature spiritually, develop deeper faith, or discover a new purpose. Your journey can inspire others. Stories in this book will feature how our imperfections and struggles are part of the way we learn and grow. The change in us points other people toward God and encourages hope.

This is not a devotional but a Christian living book. It isn’t a Bible study either. The chapters are a little longer than devotionals and more story based. They will help us explore faith from a place where people who haven’t grown up in church will still feel comfortable connecting with the writers and applying the takeaways to life.

We’re going to talk about how grace breaks the bonds of shame and regret and inspire people to discover joy in the middle of their own trials. Rather than featuring people who have it all together, it’s really about how God shows up in the mess and makes us into people who look more like Jesus.

So, why is this the focus of this episode? I wanted you to hear my heart on this project and invite you to be part of the project. And, this is called Life, Repurposed, just like the name of this podcast for a reason! It directly connects.

That brings me to the second exciting announcement. I’ve started a public group on Facebook called Life, Repurposed. This group is for you, my listeners and for the future readers of this book. I’ll be sharing announcements about the book, giving sneak peeks into some of the stories, and posting discussion questions related to podcast episodes on Life, Repurposed.

Ultimately, it’s an extension of what I do that will help me to communicate more personally with you. I want to know you!

What should you do next? You’re going to want to grab the links below.

Recommended Resources

Ok, here it is! Let’s talk about the writing opportunity first. If you’d like to know more about the book project, for Life, Repurposed, this is the link you need: FaithCreativityLife.com

There are specific guidelines to follow, similar to all professional publishers. Be sure to follow those, since that will give you a much higher chance of getting your story included. It’s limited to the top 30 stories and I’ll be choosing some before the submission deadline, so earlier is better. It also answers a lot of questions about the audience, the purpose of the project, and the charity to which I’m donating a portion of the book royalties.

Second, let's talk about the new Life, Repurposed Community on Facebook! It’s brand new, so I’ll be adding content as we go. But sign up right away so you don’t miss anything! As I said, it’s a public group. I want you to be able to share posts from the group to your pages. So we won’t be discussion private details. It’s a place to celebrate what a repurposed life is all about ­– God’s greatness!

Thank you for letting me share this exciting news with you today. I’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled program.


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