Trusting God’s Purpose When Life Takes a Turn | Sarah E Frazer

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In this episode, Michelle welcomes guest Sarah Frazer, author of the book "I Didn't Sign Up For This." Sarah shares her story of how God revealed his plans through disruptions in her life and how she had to let go of her own plans and dreams to follow his path. From redefining what is "good" to navigating the challenges of adoption and pursuing missions work, Sarah's journey offers encouragement and perspective for those facing unexpected situations in life. Tune in to discover how faith and biblical wisdom can help navigate life's unexpected journeys.

Sarah E. Frazer is a writer, Bible study mentor, wife of Jason, and mother of five. With a background in missionary work and Bible teaching, her passion is to encourage women to start today with a Bible reading and prayer habit. She shares tools and encouragement for Bible study and prayer study on her website, , and at@sarah_e_frazer.


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Show Notes

Life is full of twists and turns, often taking us on unexpected journeys that we never signed up for. Sarah Frazer's journey is a testament to how God can reveal his plans through disruptions in our lives. Despite growing up in a family of faith, Sarah made a conscious decision to believe for herself. However, her dreams of becoming a missionary and teacher were shifted by God's plan, leading her on a remarkable path.

Sarah and her family found themselves needing to let go of something they held dear, which proved to be a challenging and transformative experience. Yet, they sought counseling and focused on biblical truths to heal and grow in their faith. Sarah's vulnerability shines through her honest portrayal of the struggle against bitterness and the importance of plucking it out.

The Frazer family's desire to pursue missions work led them to face financial obstacles. However, trust in God's provision, coupled with their genuine love for children, resulted in them adopting two precious children from China. Sarah's journey of adoption beautifully illustrates how God's plan intertwines with our own.

Sarah's decision not to publicly share personal struggles, except with close friends and family, reveals the importance of guarding our personal testimonies. She highlights the need for authenticity without compromising privacy or seeking revenge.

This episode reminds us that amidst life's disruptions, God's plan is far greater than we can comprehend. Sarah's book, "I Didn't Sign Up For This," offers further guidance and reflection, providing encouragement and biblical wisdom to those navigating their own unexpected paths.


I Didn't Sign Up for This: How to Rest in God's Goodness When Your Story Shifts

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