A Grinch-Proof Christmas and the True Spirit of the Holiday Season

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In this episode:

In this episode, Michelle Rayburn shares a story titled "A Grinch-Proof Christmas," based on a chapter from her new Christmas book, "Renewed Christmas Blessings." Tune in as Michelle reflects on the joys and challenges of the holiday season, sharing personal insights and practical wisdom about embracing the true essence of Christmas. She shares her not-to-do and her must-do lists with examples of how her holiday plans have changed over the years. Discover how she found a new perspective on holiday traditions and gift-giving, and learn about the book's release and special offers. This creative episode includes some dramatic and production aspects for listeners to enjoy.


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Show Notes

In this episode, Michelle's storytelling takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery, as she candidly recounts her experiences of trying to be the "Christmas queen" with elaborate handmade gifts and meticulously decorated packages. Through her humorous and insightful narrative, she explores the transition from a focus on excessive holiday preparations to finding joy in simplicity and the essence of Christmas.

Her message resonates as she reflects on the importance of letting go of the pressure to create the perfect holiday and instead focusing on the true significance of the season. Michelle's perspective encourages embracing the wonder of the holiday season while discovering hope, faith, and love in unexpected places. This is a reminder to slow down, simplify, and savor the true meaning of Christmas.


Renewed Christmas Blessings book

(Kindle version is free from December 1–5, 2023) For sale on online bookstores December 1.

Launch party: 12 Days of Christmas — December 1–12, 2023

The free printables and bonuses are still available after the party ends. If you click on “Guides” and scroll to the section titled “Grab Your Free Bonuses,” you’ll find things like recipe cards, a holiday kit with printable gift tags and family fun ideas, a resource with some discussion starters for your holiday gathering, a Christmas card template, and more. Here’s a shortcut to that spot in the party content.


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