Ten Ways to Charge Up Your Creativity

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Your version of creativity might not include paint, glue, or words on paper, but I believe you have imagination waiting to be tapped somewhere. Here are 10 ideas for how to wake it up. 

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Inspired Life

I often hear people say they have no creativity. While I agree that people have different levels of artistic ability or creative interest, I believe every person has some degree of creativity.  

Dictionary.com says creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. 

You are creative in your own way. God made you to be able to form connections between ideas and imagine better outcomes.  

I’ve also discovered that it’s important to make space for being intentional with our creative thoughts. My degree of creativity is affected by my environment, my level of overwhelm, the noise around me, and so much more.  

There are times as a writer, I get stuck. I don’t give up. I just find ways to get that flowing again.

Life, Repurposed

I want to focus on what to do when you feel stuck. When the creativity won’t flow, or you can’t come up with a solution for a problem. These are ten ways you can get those creative juices flowing so you’re ready to tackle a project that needs your focused attention and creative brain. 

  1. Take a fifteen-minute walk.
  2. Set the timer for ten minutes and clean one area of your desk or workspace. 
  3. Daydream – take a notebook out to the back yard or to a comfy spot and see what thoughts come to mind.  
  4. Make music. Play an instrument, play the radio, sing—off-key is ok too, play air guitar. 
  5. Doodle. Doodling engages the brain and helps to calm a restless mind.  
  6. Create atmosphere – candle, music, silence, open the window, fill the bird feeder so you have something to watch.  
  7. Switch projects. 
  8. Do a crossword puzzle or a word game on an app like 7 Words.  
  9. Move to a different place to work. Different room, outside, the library, coffee shop, etc. 
  10. Give yourself a deadline and ask someone else to hold you accountable to it. 

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