Starting Over: Andrea Gribble’s Story from Job Loss to Mompreneur

In this episode:

On this episode Andrea Gribble talks about her journey from losing her job to starting over in a completely new career path, finding a niche in social media management, and professional development for school social media champions. Andrea shares her personal challenges, including potentially losing her home, but ultimately realizing that it was a blessing in disguise. She also reflects on her faith journey and how it has helped her overcome anxiety and uncertainty, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and cherishing memories during difficult times. Tune in to this inspirational episode for encouragement and motivation to keep pushing forward through life's challenges.

About this week's guest:

Andrea Gribble's passion is helping schools recognize their daily awesomeness and sharing that story with the world. To date, she has trained more than 3,000 school communicators through webinars, workshops, and in-person speaking events. She is also a frequent presenter at the annual NSPRA seminar and appears at state chapters and other school marketing associations throughout the year. She’s built a team that celebrates hundreds of schools across the country! #SocialSchool4EDU provides full social media management and runs a vibrant online community that provides ongoing professional development for school social media champions. She also hosts a weekly podcast, “Mastering Social Media for Schools”, and is the author of the book “Social Media for Schools: Proven Storytelling Strategies & Ideas for Celebrating Your Students & Staff - While Keeping Your Sanity.”

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In this episode of Life Repurposed, Michelle welcomed Andrea Gribble to the podcast to discuss starting over and finding purpose through difficult times. Andrea, a school communications expert and founder of #SocialSchool4EDU, shared her story of losing her job and ultimately finding her true calling in the world of social media management.

During the episode, Andrea opened up about the challenges she faced after losing her job, including anxiety and uncertainty about supporting her family. However, she ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and pursue something new, which led to her starting her own business in social media.

What's particularly inspiring about Andrea's story is how she was able to turn a difficult situation into a blessing that's impacted not only her life, but the lives of her team and the schools they partner with. By taking a chance on herself and her talents, she's been able to make a difference in the lives of others while pursuing work that brings her joy and fulfillment.

Andrea also offered some valuable tips for anyone looking to start over and find their purpose. One of the key takeaways from her story is the importance of betting on yourself and having faith in your abilities. Additionally, she emphasized the value of seeking out professional development opportunities and surrounding yourself with successful individuals who can inspire and support you along the way.

Overall, this is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and motivation to pursue their dreams and find their purpose. Andrea's story is a testament to the power of resilience, faith, and hard work, and her words are sure to resonate with anyone facing their own challenges and setbacks.


Overcoming Job Loss: "I decided, hey, if I'm going to bet on anybody, I'm going to bet on me, so why not just try this? What's the worst that can happen?" — Andrea Gribble [00:10:06 → 00:12:35]

Overcoming Adversity: "God has more in his plans for me than measuring window parts."— Andrea Gribble [00:13:17 → 00:16:40]

The Power of Faith: "My life is a lot better when I have a closer relationship with Jesus."— Andrea Gribble [00:16:43 → 00:18:24]

Exploring Faith through Travel: "We're going to be able to see where this stuff happened."— Andrea Gribble [00:19:08 → 00:21:01]

Reflecting on Parenthood: "It has sure made life complete. And I have tried to always instill with my girls life, sometimes life, it's not what you had planned, but think of all the blessings that we have because it did end up this way."— Andrea Gribble [00:21:34 → 00:23:25]

The Power of Social Media in Education: "If you know that your story deserves to be told, you know, there's amazing things that people have no idea that they're happening in your school. Social media can be a perfect fit."— Andrea Gribble [00:30:10 → 00:31:20]

Key Quotes

  1. "Enjoy the learning process, not just the destination." — Andrea Gribble
  2. "Surround yourself with successful people and believe in yourself." — Andrea Gribble
  3. "Trust the journey and focus on what you can learn from it." — Andrea Gribble
  4. "Even if life doesn't go as planned, there are still blessings to be grateful for." — Andrea Gribble


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Mastering Social Media for Schools Podcast (episode with Michelle as a guest)

Book – Social Media for Schools: Proven Storytelling Strategies and Ideas to Celebrate Your Students & Staff – While Keeping Your Sanity

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