Questions, Misconceptions, and Outcomes of Faith Deconstruction

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On this episode of Life Repurposed, host Michelle Rayburn discusses the concept of deconstructing faith. She clarifies that deconstructing faith does not imply demolition or destruction, but rather a process of critically examining and reevaluating one's beliefs within the context of religion or spirituality. Michelle shares her personal journey of deconstruction and how it led her to question assumptions, explore doubts, and reflect on her experiences. She emphasizes the importance of asking questions, being curious, and engaging with diverse perspectives. Michelle also addresses common misconceptions about deconstructing faith, such as it leading to atheism or a rejection of all religious practices. She explains that deconstruction can actually deepen one's faith and foster greater compassion and empathy. Ultimately, deconstructing faith is a transformative aspect of self-discovery and an ongoing journey of growth and understanding.

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Show Notes

In this episode of Life Repurposed Michelle explores the concept of deconstructing faith. She begins by clarifying the term and dispelling misconceptions. She emphasizes that deconstructing faith does not mean demolishing or destroying it, but rather critically examining and reevaluating one's belief systems. Michelle shares her personal journey of deconstruction, highlighting how expanding her social circle and asking questions led to a deeper understanding of herself, others, and her beliefs.

Michelle then lays out the typical process of deconstructing faith, including questioning assumptions, exploring doubts and uncertainties, reflecting on personal experiences, examining core values and beliefs, embracing complexity, acknowledging emotional impact, engaging with resources and perspectives, seeking authenticity and integrity, navigating uncertainty, reconstructing and rediscovering beliefs, fostering compassion and empathy, and embracing a continual journey.

Throughout the episode, Michelle emphasizes the importance of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for diverse perspectives. She encourages listeners to untangle their faith rather than completely rejecting it, and to embrace the transformative aspects of self-discovery that deconstructing faith can bring.

What's in Michelle's earbuds this week:

Amy Fritz and Rebecca Davis on the Untangled Faith Podcast: Untwisting Scripture–Does God Really Want to Break Us?

This episode has a helpful conversation about the role of critical thinking when it comes to biblical interpretation. Amy and Rebecca talk about teaching on brokenness and suffering and how some of songs even indicate God wants to break us. Listen in and see if you agree or disagree.

Ike Miller and Shannon Plate on The Good Baggage Podcast: Dysfunctional Communication–How our Childhood Trauma Impacts our Adult Interactions and What We Can Do About It. Shannon Plate, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, about the impact of our childhoods on our communication, and how we can work to communicate more effectively now. Description of the podcast premise: “Typically when we think of baggage, we tend to think of all the ways it makes us bad at relationships, Baggage is more than what makes us bad at relationships. Baggage is the pain we carry and the lessons it has taught us. But, what if it’s not all bad? What if our difficult childhoods also packed some really good relationship stuff in those bags? What if the pain we carry actually prepared us to thrive in relationships? This podcast is about finding the good things packed in our bags and leveraging them for the flourishing of our relationships now!”

Ike Miller also has a new book coming out shortly after this episode airs. It’s for sale now and on my read list. It has the same title as his podcast Good Baggage. I’ll link to that in the show notes. Good Baggage: How Your Difficult Childhood Prepared You for Healthy Relationships 


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