Motherhood, Mental Health, and Making Time for What Matters | Caris Snider

In this episode:

On this episode Michelle chats with author and speaker Caris Snider to discuss the journey of overcoming anxiety and depression as a mom. Caris shares her own personal experiences and how she found hope and encouragement through being authentic with other moms about getting help. They also dive into the importance of talking about mental health and finding support within the church community. Join Michelle and Caris as they explore the power of vulnerability and self-care in the journey of motherhood and talk about Caris’s new devotional book for moms.

About Caris:

CARIS SNIDER loves to share the hope of God through speaking, writing, coaching, and leading worship. She is the author of “Anxiety Elephants: 31 Day Devotional” and “Anxiety Elephants: 90 Day Devotional for Tween Boys and Girls.” From her own personal experience, she helps women in their journey of overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, and shame. Caris lives with her husband, Brandon, and two daughters in Cullman, Alabama.

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Show Notes

In a heartfelt and inspiring episode Michelle and guest Caris Snider, author and speaker, dive deep into the important topics of mental health, motherhood, and finding purpose amidst life's challenges. As Caris shares her personal journey of overcoming anxiety and depression, listeners are reminded of the significance of seeking support, being vulnerable, and trusting in God's plan.

Caris speaks candidly about her initial struggle and the feeling of being overwhelmed by life's demands. At her lowest point, she heard God's voice, reminding her to look up and find reassurance in His presence. With the help of friends, family, counselors, and a supportive church community, Caris found the strength to embrace healing and restoration.

Through her own experiences, Caris emphasizes the importance of learning to say no and creating boundaries in order to prioritize what truly matters. By opening up space in our lives, we allow room for God's guidance and purpose to come to the forefront.

An essential part of Caris’s journey is her book, Car Line Mom, a 100-day devotional for moms. This daily guide offers practical steps, relatable scriptures, and encouraging messages to help moms navigate the challenges of motherhood while finding strength and purpose in their daily lives.

Caris has many free resources, including a back-to-school survival kit for moms, to aid in the journey of self-care and finding balance.

This episode is a reminder that even during our darkest moments, there is hope, support, and purpose. It highlights the importance of breaking the silence around mental health, embracing vulnerability, and seeking support from the loving community around us. With Caris’s insights and resources, mothers and individuals alike are encouraged to prioritize self-care, create margin in their lives, and trust in God's plan for restoration and purpose. Remember, self-care is not selfish, but an essential part of our journey to living a fulfilled and purposeful life.


A bonus resource from Caris

Instagram @carissnider


Car Line Mom Devotional: 100 Days of Encouragement for the Mama Who Gets Everybody Everywhere

There's An Elephant On My Chest (Children’s book)

Anxiety Elephants: A 31-Day Devotional To Help Stomp Out Your Anxiety


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