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Darla Grieco went as a chaperone on her daughter’s school field trip as a lonely, broken woman, wondering what could possibly be next in her life. It led to rekindling a life-long dream when she decided to chase it!

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Darla Grieco wondered what could possibly be next in her life. Then she went as a chaperone on her daughter’s school field trip. She describes herself as a lonely, broken woman, but what happened on the trip pushed her out of her comfort zone. Shortly after returning home, she rekindled her life-long dream of becoming and writer and started chasing it. 

Darla had sat on the sidelines watching other parents participate in games and activities on the field trip until someone pulled her into the action. Darla realizes how many experiences she has missed because she held back on participating.  

On the school field trip, someone from Darla’s past recognized her and told her about how a Bible verse Darla had shared with her made a huge difference in that woman’s life. This affirmation gave Darla such encouragement.

About Darla: 
Darla Grieco has published in Guideposts Angels on Earth magazine and in various Chicken Soup for the Soul editions. In the spring of 2021, several of her devotionals appeared in a compilation titled Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom. You can read more from Darla at 

Life, Repurposed

Darla has set herself free to break some rules. She says if it doesn’t violate a principle from the Bible, who cares? Chicken for breakfast. White jeans in winter. “Who makes those rules?” she says. 

As Darla has pursued her dream of writing more, she has had to say no to a lot of the parent involvement that once filled up her schedule. She has also been making changes in her role in the family business to free up more time. Darla established three value points—God, family, calling—and started to filter opportunities and tasks through those value points. If it didn’t hit one of those points, she said she started to say no. 

Darla encourages women to find accountability, a tribe. She says to find a Bible study or groups with other women, writing groups, personal growth opportunities to grow a network of people.  

“Find those people who are going to give us godly counsel, support, and grace, too, for whatever we’re going through.”—Darla Grieco 

For every season, God has a purpose. Try to enjoy the season you’re in. Look for the blessings in it…Be prepared for the next one with an open heart and open mind. And walk into it with confidence.” —Darla Grieco 

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