Gratitude, Celebration, and 3 Tips to Survive the Holidays

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A little bit of gratitude as we wrap up this podcast season. Plus three tips to keep your sanity over the holidays, and a free bonus. 

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This is the last episode in season 4 of this podcast. Most of this season has been dedicated to featuring the stories from authors in the Life, Repurposed book. This episode drops on Thanksgiving day, so it’s appropriate to take some time to offer gratitude.  


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  • In March, I launched the Life, Repurposed book with 34 stories written by women who have experienced the power of transformation in their lives. These stories of grace, hope, and restored faith are making a difference. The book is available at retailers around the world, and is also on Audible too.  
  • This fall, I won first place in two book awards and placed as a finalist in a third for my book Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs. I am thankful for this great honor. I’ll be featuring more content from that book in coming episodes.

Life, Repurposed


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3 Tips to Keep Your Sanity Over the Holidays  

This next month is a blur of activity for most of us. We don’t want to lose the momentum we’ve had over the last year, yet when we get busy, many of us tend to coast. And there are so many reasons to feel stressed. This how I plan to keep my sanity during this holiday season. I thought it might help you too. Plus, most of it is good advice for year-round whenever we’re extra challenged.  

  1. Wait to start anything new. A friend shared this advice with a fellow podcaster in a group I’m in, and it is so smart. The end of the year is not a time to begin a new program, launch a product or a book (everyone is Christmas shopping or overloaded with ads already). It isn’t the time to start a major health change or change up a routine. I’ve tried this before, and I run out of steam really fast. Instead of starting something new, focus on how you can do what you’ve been doing even better. Look for unfinished business from the past year and see if you can make it more efficient. Adjust your eating or exercise to something doable rather than an overhaul.  
  2. Focus on relationships. When faced with the choice between tasks and people, you’ll always win with choosing people. Can you let go of being Martha-Overachiever-Stewart and snuggle the little ones with a book? Can you forgo the mall madness and Black Friday frenzy in favor of watching a movie with the family? A Christmas card that has an obligatory signature and a stamp is less meaningful than a voice text or a phone call. Look for ways that your to-dos can be swapped for togetherness.  
  3. Give more grace than gifts. The past year has been hard. Relationships have struggled and tensions are high. Stress makes the fuse a lot shorter. There are empty chairs at the holiday table—more than ever before. We don’t need more gadgets and gift cards. We need grace. Colossians 4:6 in The Passion Translation says, “Let every word you speak be drenched with grace and tempered with truth and clarity. For then you will be prepared to give a respectful answer to anyone who asks about your faith.” There have been times that I’m already pre-planning what offensive thing someone is going to say to me during a gathering and what I’m going to say or do about it. Instead of assuming someone will offend me, I can plan for how I will bless someone with my words. Grace is not always a defensive response but an offensive move. Offer kindness and grace first, before you have to offer it in response to someone’s harsh words.

Recommended Resource

For a resource today, I’ve created a free printable PDF for you here. It says:   

  • I'll wait to start anything new
  • I'll focus on relationships
  • I'll give more grace than gifts 

 There’s a place there for you to print and then sign and hang up somewhere where you’ll see it over the next 5 weeks. PLUS in the Facebook community, I’ll upload a version that can be used as wallpaper on your phone screen to remind yourself of your holiday strategy. 

Download PDF Version 

Other resources for your Christmas shopping: 

Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith  

Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs  

Other books 

We’ll be on a little break in December as we get episodes ready for 2022. Plus a new look on the podcast art is coming! 

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