If You’re Done with Religious Rules, Start Over

In this episode:

After trying to keep all the artificial rules that went along with Christian faith, Michele Morin needed a fresh start when she found herself disillusioned. She started over with a renovated version of habits and spiritual practices.

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Inspired Life

This week, Michele Morin and talked about habits of holiness and healthy spiritual practices. After struggling with her faith, Michele found a new balance with being “intently haphazard” with her routines.

We found common ground as fellow boy moms. Michele said, “A boy home has a certain character to it and a certain decibel level.” She talked about how she learned to chill more with the mud and all of the things that come with boys.

We discussed Michele’s journey from a difficult home life to getting involved in a local church and then going off to college to major in Christian education. While she was there at a Christian college, she started to question her faith. She didn’t doubt the providence of God, but it was “the trappings” of Christianity that she struggled with. It was centered around checking boxes and doing certain things.

About Michele:

Michele Morin is a reader, writer, speaker and gardener who does life with her family on a country hill in Maine. She has been married to an unreasonably patient husband for thirty years, and together they have four sons, two daughters-in-love, and three adorable grandchildren.

Active in educational ministries with her local church, Michele delights in sitting at a table surrounded by women with open Bibles.

Michele loves hot tea and well-crafted sentences, poems that stop her in her tracks, and days at the ocean with the whole family. She laments biblical illiteracy and advocates for the prudent use of “little minutes.”

Life, Repurposed

Michele says if we’ve built a model of Christianity that seems impossible to live up to, then we have gone outside of what God requires of us. She says everything in the Bible is livable. That isn’t to say God doesn’t require hard things, but it’s always possible to do the will of God. What Michele had built had to collapse in order to align with God’s will.  

Michele says we need to always guard ourselves against hypocrisy and legalism.  

For Michele, there wasn’t a switch that flipped and her faith was back on track. It was a journey for her of getting to a new place. She gave an example of renovating her kitchen and tearing it down to the studs to be able to start new. That’s how rebuilding faith is. We tear back to the studs.  

“Start where you are. Use what you have. And go forward. Don’t try to live your way back into a former faith because you’re not the same person as you were when things started to slide.” —Michele Morin 

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