God Is There in Your Loneliness

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Robin Seaton adopted a son with autism, and God used some of their most difficult experiences to make significant changes in her spiritual growth and his. Where loneliness and frustration once reigned, now there is peace and joy.

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Inspired Life

This week, Robin Seaton talked about how she and her husband weren’t able to have children, and they had tried adopting several times before they finally adopted their son. They decided to go the route of adopting a child with special needs. At that time (in the 90s) autism was something that not many people understood, so when they adopted their son, Robin adapted from her initial fear of having a child with autism to really understanding her son’s needs.

When their son’s behaviors and acting out caused people to feel uncomfortable, it became easier and easier not to be invited. This increasing isolation was hard. Even friends who tried struggled. Playdates didn’t go well with her son who didn’t have social skills or verbal abilities.

Robin’s intense loneliness led to bursts of anger as she struggled with her son’s behaviors. She realized that her ability to cope on her own wasn’t what she had expected.

About Robin: Robin Seaton has a huge heart for the hurting and a longing for others to know they don't need to do life alone. She is able to share hope because she's experienced God's power in her own pain and loneliness and learned through this that God is more amazing than we can imagine! Her walk with God spans over fifty years, and so her experiences and knowledge of God through his Word allow her to speak with confidence.

Nothing is hopeless with God, and he loves you desperately. —Robin Seaton

Life, Repurposed

When her son would have outbursts, and Robin didn’t know what he needed, she would stop and pray, asking God to help her understand what he was unable to verbalize. Often, she would pray with her son to ask God for clear communication between them.

After Robin’s husband died of cancer, God intervened in so many ways to find the right place for her son to live as a teenager where he could get the care he needed. It was one of the hardest decisions she ever made, but God knew it would be the best thing for her son.

Robin grew up thinking her job was to please God. But she realized grace didn’t fit there. She realized that God’s love and grace fill in so many gaps. In the last few years, her pursuit has changed from striving to please God to wanting to know him.

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