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What would happen if we made it our goal to be the exception when it comes to negative opinions about Christians? That’s exactly what Chris Staron does. He’s also living out his faith as he studies history for his podcast episodes while trusting God for his future steps.  

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This week, Chris Staron shared his story of coming to know Christ at the age of 10 and diving into reading the New Testament. He said his faith is what carried him through some challenges in high school and eventually led him to ministering to his fellow classmates in college on a secular campus. He realized that “cultural Christians” had a difficult time with practicing true faith, and he discovered how relationships were the key to being able to share the gospel with those who were searching for something more. 

Chris went from being confused by non-believers to having a real heart for them. Going to a secular college and then working in Hollywood taught him that many non-Christians don't really know the gospel. They learn about Christians from TV and the news. He says, “If we can be the exception to their negative opinions of Christians it opens a big door for the gospel. 

More about Chris:
Chris Staron is the host of the Truce Podcast, a history show that dives deep inside the Christian church. He's also the award-winning filmmaker behind the movies "Bringing up Bobby" and "Between the Walls" and the author of the time travel thrilled "Cradle Robber." 

Life, Repurposed

Instead of being on the defensive and trying to protect himself from people who didn’t know Jesus, he decided to make his life an outreach. He studied film, so he made his class projects about Jesus so the whole class could watch the films when they did peer reviews.  

Chris has experienced multiple moments of faith crisis in his life. He’s going through one now that he talked about in the show. He shared about how nothing worked on a film he was directing and it felt like one defeat after another. He had a clear moment of temptation to believe God didn’t love him like he does other people or he was cursed somehow because he was going through this difficulty. He said, There was a pivotal moment where I thought, either I can follow Jesus, or I’m going to walk awayby the grace of God, I continued to follow the Lord, even though things continued to go poorly.” 

Chris’s mission is to get behind what people are hiding and see their real need. There are hidden reasons for why people react the way they do. He says there is a backstory about why people are so angry in our culture. There are a lot of topics that we don’t talk about in the church, and Chris is tackling those issues. He said, I'm all about encouraging folks to be difficult to offend, especially when it comes to sharing the gospel with unbelievers. 

“Your success is God’s eyes does not necessarily translate to success in this world. Just be faithful to what God has called you to do.”—Chris Staron, Truce Podcast 

Recommended Resources

On Truce PodcastChris tackles big topics. He pointed out that our patriotism can become an idol when we don’t have the full story of the meaning behind what’s going on. He talks about some of the myths we have believed about American history. Chris asks us to thoughtfully consider how we can reconcile historical occurrences that can’t be explained away as right.  

He thoroughly researches topics he covers and comes at them from a biblical angle. If you’ve wondered about the history of even the Pledge of Allegiance, you’ll want to listen to his show.  

Chris has discussion questions in the show notes, which makes the resource so helpful for starting conversations.  

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