Five Creative Ways to Bless Someone Else

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Can you imagine how wonderful our world would be if we intentionally looked for creative ways to bless someone else? The ideas in this episode give you a starting place to be deliberate about encouragement.  

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Even the strongest of people need encouragement! Not too long ago I had a couple of weeks of really wrestling with whether or not the time I pour into creating podcasts every week, writing books, and hosting a Facebook community were really making a difference for anyone. I was bone-weary from it all and asking God if I was on the right track or if I was pursuing something outside of his direction. That’s a legit question to ask. 

That struggle also made me aware that there are many others out there who could use a few words of encouragement sometimes. In this episode I share some ways that we can creatively encourage someone else without having to be crafty, just thoughtful.  

Life, Repurposed

Smile Package
In the midst of my tough weeks, I got a smile package in the mail from my friend Gina Stinson, who is also a fan of repurposing and a fellow writer. She had put together a bubble mailer with some hand-lettered prints, fun and cheerful stickers, a keychain, and a hand-written note. The stickers were something designed by her daughter Savannah who has a business called Savannah Scribbles. I’ll link to that in the show notes in the resources 

It was so fun to get this little unexpected package and the note. Think about it! What are some things you could put into a smile package to send out to someone else? You don’t have to design them. You can purchase things to have on hand that can be sent in an envelope!

Scripture Cards:
 In episode 85, Rosie Williams talked about how she writes out a verse that means something to her and then creates a second copy to take with her in her purse. She gives that out as the Lord prompts her while she’s out and about. This doesn’t have to be fancy, or it can be. That’s up to your level of craftiness. But here’s where the double blessing comes in.  

When we meditate on Scripture, we grow spiritually. Something changes in us. But then by creating something we can share with someone else, we also move beyond our circle. We apply that blessing to someone else and encourage them.

Purposeful Playlist:
 In Spotify or YouTube or your favorite music listening platform, you can create playlist of songs. One way to encourage others is to create a playlist of a few songs and then text or email the link to friends with a simple note about how you are thinking of them and wanted to send these songs to encourage them.

Virtual Greetings:
 One fun way to encourage people is by leaving more than a comment on a social post or in a text or email. A simple image makes it stand out and show intention. So much more than clicking a like button. I’ve created four free ones that you’ll find on my website at if you’d like some to get you started.

Voice Message:
 One of the ways several of my friends send greetings is by creating a one-minute voice message and sending it by text or social media messenger. This allows me to hear their voice in their words of encouragement or prayer. 


Recommended Resources

I was shopping at the Christian bookstore and found some Scripture cards that can be colored and shared. They are a nice thick card stock. They also come in a really pretty cardboard box that has a lid. They can stand on your desk with some markers or colored pencils ready to go during your morning time with God.  

Colorful Blessings: Cards to Color and Share

Psalms in Color: Cards to Color and Share


I invite you to check out Savannah Scribbles. Savannah started her business as a teenager and has so much fun stuff in her Etsy store! Not only does she have all of the supplies to create your own smile packets, but she also has custom signs, shirts, and graphics. They are fun, colorful, and uplifting! 

Also look for Savannah Scribbles on Instagram! 

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