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How can we respond when we're at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next? What if we cave to stress or mess up? In this episode, guest Amber Cullum talks with me about how she found that God's grace was enough when she could never be enough. And she shared how a gratitude list helps to keep her in the right mindset.

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This week, podcaster and speaker Amber Cullum (Grace Enough Podcast) shared how she went through rebellion in her early teens and then discovered how Jesus could make all the difference when she was in college. Through a campus ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she built relationships with friends who played a significant role in helping her find the path to biblical truth.

In this episode, Amber talked about how our before and after stories are really a daily thing, not a spectacular event that we look back to. Each day we choose to be a kinder, more loving, more obedient, and more faith-filled person than we were the day before.

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About Amber Cullum:

Amber Cullum is the host of Grace Enough Podcast. She is first a child of God. She is wife to Sam, a mom of 3, and a physical therapist turned stay-at-home mom. She loves connecting women with God, other people, and resources to spur them on in their walks with Jesus and remind them that God's grace is enough.

Listen in to the episode as Amber shares from her heart about how God has changed her, repurposed her career path, and transformed her into someone who leans on Jesus for guidance and hope.

Recommended Resources

Today's resource is the Grace Enough Podcast with Amber Cullum. ⇐ Be sure to check out Amber's website, because she has a free download there for subscribers.

Grace Enough is a podcast designed to encourage believers that God can use you to impact his kingdom no matter your story.  He does the changing, the transforming, the redeeming, not us.  It does require daily surrender, faith, and trust, but we must remember his grace is enough.

The podcast content will be an excellent tool for helping you to grow spiritually!

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Instagram @graceenoughpodcast_amber

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