Podcast Christmas Party: A Variety Show

In this episode:

This week, it's a Christmas variety show with some of my friends from the Christian Podcasters Association. Several friends have each put together a 5-minute Christmas episode for my listeners. Enjoy the music, radio theatre, and Christmas reflections.

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Inspired Life

I have a treat this week on Life, Repurposed. Several members of the Christian Podcasters Association (affiliate link) recorded 5-minute Christmas episodes. Then we all did an exchange and put together our own variety show based on a few of the episodes from the exchange. Today, I'm bringing you episodes from four of my podcasting friends, plus my own. In the resources section below, be sure to check out each of their shows. I highly recommend you subscribe to hear full episodes. Each brings a different flavor to the mix, and I love the diverse ways we share a message. Featured in this order, you'll hear from:

Monika (Moni) Hardy |Chris Staron | Meg GlesenerJake Doberenz | Michelle Rayburn (me)

What is the Christian Podcasters Association?

Christian Podcasters Association is a place for Christians who feel called to use their gifts and expertise to get a message out. It's a Facebook group but also a membership site. I'm a Gold Member, which means I have access to monthly masterminds and group meetings. That also includes this Christmas exchange!

For more info about membership, here is my affiliate link to Christian Podcasters Association.

Also, coming up in January, Christian Podcasters Association is hosting an online summit. Info:

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    • And much more!
The full line-up of industry leaders and experts will help you navigate social media with confidence.
Registration is now open and early-bird pricing is available. My affiliate link to register for the summit
By using my affiliate links, I receive a portion of the purchase for helping get the word out. 

Recommended Resources

I encourage you to check out each of the shows featured on this week's episode. Of course, you already know Life, Repurposed, but check out my podcast friends!

Moments with Moni is hosted by Monika Hardy. 

Truce Podcast is hosted by Chris Staron

Letters from Home is hosted by Meg Glesener

The Bible...but Funnier is hosted by Jake Doberenz

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