Balancing Perfectionism and Humility

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On this episode of Life Repurposed, host Michelle Rayburn shares exciting news about the new podcast season and the release of her new 6-week Bible study, Renewed. She talks about letting go of pride that keeps popping up in new areas. In addition, the episode explores resources various end-time theologies and their impact on Christians' beliefs in a segment about what Michelle is currently reading or putting in her earbuds.

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On this episode of Life Repurposed, host Michelle Rayburn shares exciting news about the new podcast season and her new Bible study, Renewed, which is now available. She opens up about her own struggles with achieving excellence without allowing it to become an issue of pride.

 Michelle talks about the costs of podcasting, both in terms of time and finances along with her commitment to continue to offer listener-centered content. Overall, this episode offers a powerful mix of inspiration, reflection, and introspection.

In addition, the episode explores resources various end-time theologies and their impact on Christians' beliefs. Beyond that, Michelle delves into the cost of podcast creation and how she wants to serve listeners in this season. Finally, the episode highlights what she’s reading, including the memoir, All My Knotted Up Life, by Beth Moore and two other books.

Michelle shares Chris Martin's article "Ukrainians Aren't Dancing on TikTok" that discusses important issues that are often overlooked in social media due to the distraction of viral entertainment. It examines how Americans often forget about the vast differences which exist when taking basic needs and safety into account.


[00:00:22] "New bible study released - renewed"

[00:03:57] "New podcast features"

[00:05:01] "The business side of podcasting: A breakdown"

[00:10:09] "Perspective gained from editing published book"

[00:16:40] "Beth Moore's memoir"

[00:17:51] Uncovering long-term effects of abuse: Beth Moore's story

[00:21:09] "Exploring rapture theology and church history"

[00:23:19] "Ukraine's war contrasted with American TikTok craze"

[00:24:36] "Social media overlooks existential problems, says Chris Martin"

Memorable Quotes

Pride is such a thing for me...God is showing me that I can prize excellence without engaging pride."— Michelle Rayburn

"The tunnel vision caused by our feeds leads us to care more about frivolities than we ought and completely ignore matters of greater importance because we simply forget they exist." —Chris Martin, on Substack article

"The problems that get the most attention on social media are rarely existential because the people dealing with existential problems are too busy trying to keep existing to complain on the Internet.” —Chris Martin, on Substack article


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Books and Articles:

Becoming Free Indeed by Ginger Duggar Vuolo

All My Knotted Up Life by Beth Moore

Fulfilled by Alexandra McKillop.

Holy Post Podcast episodes on end times (guest Daniel Hummel):
How Rapture Theology Shaped America Part 1
How Rapture Theology Shaped America Part 2

Untangled Faith Podcast on end times and Revelation (Scot McKnight) – Host Amy Fritz

Ukrainians Aren’t Dancing on TikTok by Chris Martin

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