10 Life Lessons from Season 5 of Life Repurposed

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This is episode 150 of Life Repurposed. This week, I’m wrapping up season 5 and celebrating some milestones for the show. The episode includes 10 life-repurposed lessons I learned from guests this season, plus some other favorites.

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 Highlights from Season 5

If you scroll through the last season, you’ll find other favorites of mine.

  • Bonnie Gray talked about a culture of loneliness and growing up in Chinatown, San Francisco. Episode 130
  • Katie Leigh (Connie from Adventures in Odyssey) was the one episode my son actually listened to this year. Episode 136
  • Clarissa Moll on losing her husband while on vacation and being a young widow. Episode 139
  • Robin W Pearson - my new favorite fiction author. Episode 147
  • Janell Wood on faith questions and helping others find their way through their questions. Episode 148
  • Gina Stinson’s story of losing her dad at a young age and getting a loving stepfather (second good gift) after many years. Episode 140

10 Life Lessons from Season 5

  1. Your spiritual growth habits are your own, and they don’t have to look like someone else’s. From Gwen Jackson (ep. 135).
  2. We never stop working on relationships, especially marriage. Episode 132, Cynthia Ruchti.
  3. The broken pieces in our story are not the ending. They are just chapters in the story. Jennifer Watson shared that in episode 137. 
  4. Hallways (and hallway moments) have a purpose. Tracy Steel talked about them in episode 149.
  5. Tragedy doesn’t have to be the end of all good things. Tricia Zody talked in episode 143 about how God reminded her she could have another beautiful life after losing her husband.
  6. You can love Jesus and unsubscribe from what isn’t like him. Amy Fritz talked in episode 141 about untangling Christ from Christian culture and seeing that they aren’t one in the same.
  7. Whether or not you’re on social media, it will affect your life. Chris Martin talked in episode 134 about how even his grandmother who isn’t on social media hears about stories from friends and family, and it changes her. We use social media, but we don’t let it use us.
  8. Do the thing that would make your life count. Jerry Dugan started off the year with episode 124 and getting out of a rut.
  9. As long as you’re moving forward, you can pivot. Esther Littlefield talked about this in episode 126. She also talked about not being a cookie cutter of someone else.
  10. Cake is not good or bad. And you’re not good or bad for eating it. In episode 142, Erin Todd talked about intuitive eating and getting out of the idea that food choices are moral choices.

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