Jewel: A Parable About Living as a Precious Treasure

More than a simple fairytale or children's book, this heartwarming story inspires young girls with a parable that demonstrates how precious they are in the eyes of God. Jewel discovers how to live as a daughter of the king while waiting for the moment when the prince would carry her off to her forever castle. Discussion questions at the end for conversations about faith.

ISBN: 978-0988528635
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Reviews of Jewel

"I read this with my 6-year-old daughter and my 10-year-old son. First and foremost, it held their attention! Any mom that reads to their children knows that this is important. The story is easy for kids to relate to and they are able to put themselves in "Jewel's" shoes. Even more so, the questions offered at the end are easy enough for kids to understand and answer. My son's answers were obviously more developed than my daughters but that should be expected with their age difference. Not only that, I found the story encouraging my faith as well. As I read the story to my kids, I could see their discernment taking shape. It made me think of Matthew 18 where Jesus suggested that we become like children."(Amazon Review by H. Cook)

"This was such a beautiful story to read. My daughter is not quite three, so she didn't understand some of the questions in the back yet - but they are fabulous questions for elementary school aged kids! I love the artwork, and my daughter loved to talk about what was happening on the pages about the castle and the coming prince, which sort of replaced the back of book questions for us. This is a great approach for teaching children the story of Jesus and trusting what He says about being adopted into God's kingdom, as well as having easy understanding of Christian virtues such as patience, self control, and hope, no matter where we are in our lives." (Amazon Review by A. Spang)

"Michelle Rayburn has crafted a beautiful parable that helps make Biblical truths understandable for young readers. The full page illustrations beautifully complement the story and draw readers into Jewel's world. Jewel is a peasant who tries her best to be a help to her grandparents. When her chores are done, she likes to explore and tries to imagine what it would be like to live in the castle she can see in the distance. When the prince comes to visit Jewel's village, not everyone believes what he tells them. Jewel learns that she must decide for herself whether or not to trust him. The author includes excellent discussion questions at the end of the book to guide children toward the deeper meaning of the story. Michelle includes Scripture passages to help readers make the connection between the parable and their own life and need for a Savior. It's refreshing to find a beautifully illustrated book with a solid Biblical message. A great addition to any church, homeschool or family library!" (Amazon Review by J. Stanish)


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