Hardcover 1–2–3 Ideas and Progress Journal

The journal for non-journalers.

This 3-month hardcover journal is for people who are ready for an alternative to traditional journaling. It's created for achievers who love to check boxes yet need to think outside of the box. For anyone who wants to innovate, get stuff done, and celebrate progress in the most simple and creative way.  ★

Achievers often have a difficult time celebrating the winning moments before moving on to the next list. It's important to make time to plan as well as celebrate the wins!

The 1–2–3 method includes one main goal and two smaller goals (morning plans), and three things that bring you joy (evening reflection). Reverse the process on the weekends and choose three goals, celebrate two wins, and note one creative solution from the week.

In the daily notes:

  • Make lists and organizes project tasks.
  • Write reminders.
  • Create a plan for tomorrow.
  • Journal—if you’re into that!

On the weekends:

  • Make your plan and prioritize.
  • Pause to see the good in the past week.
  • Celebrate your own innovation

The hardcover design is created to withstand daily use for 13 weeks! Inspired by the productivity gurus who promote the idea of working in quarters rather than in 12-month terms. We saw how much can change in one quarter in 2020!


Watch for more designs to come!


A note from Michelle, your 1–2–3 Journal designer:

I'm not a traditional journaler. Sometimes, I think something is broken in me since many of my friends love to write in their journals. I do journal sometimes, but only when the right inspiration strikes. If someone were to give me an assignment to write down my thoughts each day, I might be inclined to do my own thing. However, I do understand the benefit of tracking and the importance of the discipline of being organized. My top strength on the StrengthsFinder is achiever. I like to get things done! This also means I don't often stop long enough to celebrate one win before moving on to the next project. I created this journal because I wanted something for people like me—who want to think outside of the box and journal in a different way but who could benefit from some of the perks of being a journaler. I invite you to join me outside of the box where journaling involves goals, wins, moments of joy and dreams for the future. Where you can be as buttoned up or as free as you want to be with how your write each day.

New in January 20211–2–3 Ideas and Progress Journal: For Achievers & List Lovers

Matte Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9885286-7-3

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1–2–3 Ideas and Progress Journal: For Achievers & List Lovers

ISBN: 978-1-954576-00-1
Glossy Black/Gray Hardcover

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