Waiting for God to Come Through

In this episode:

When life feels like a crisis overload, God is still there. That’s what Grace Fox has learned from her years of trusting God through hardships. In this episode, we talked about where God has been faithful, and she shares about her new book, Finding Hope in Crisis. 

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Inspired Life

In this episode, Grace Fox shared about where her second child was born while she and her husband were missionaries in Nepal. Her daughter was born with hydrocephalus and the doctors there told them they had to return to the US immediately so she could have life-saving surgery. Grace had to remain behind because the airlines refused to issue her a ticket because she was considered a medical high-risk. Imagine watching your husband board a plane with your newborn baby! 

About Grace Fox: 

Grace has been a career global worker for nearly 30 years. She's the author of ten books, a member of the First 5 writing team for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a regular contributor to "Mornings with Jesus"--an annual devotional published by Guideposts. 

Grace and her husband have been married nearly 39 years. They celebrate three married kids and nine grandchildren. They live on a sailboat near Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Life, Repurposed

From her experience and others after, Grace learned the importance of living out the truth of who God is. This changed her entire life, she says. By seeing God’s faithfulness in our stories, others can learn how to trust him too. 



We can hang on to hope, even in our darkest days. Hope is more than an optimistic outlook. For the believer, hope is a whole attitude of expectant anticipation of a good outcome, because that outcome is in the hands of God. It might not be the outcome we would like to see, but it’s still good in the overall picture because God is good by nature.” —Grace Fox 






Recommended Resources

Grace leads online Bible studies. For more info about her latest study, see her website at Grace Fox. 

Finding Hope in Crisis: Devotions for Calm in Chaos

A diagnosis. Death of a loved one. A layoff. A broken relationship. Life changes in a nanosecond when storms sweep in, often without warning. With minds barely able to think clearly, we often set our Bible aside. However, in reality, that's when we need its comfort and strength most. This devotional is written for those longing for hope, but are lacking the ability to focus on a lengthy Scripture passage.

Enjoy having a devotional that will help you:

          • Tap into inner strength and wisdom with short reflections
          • Make the best of your day without shame or guilt, using encouragement from God's Word
          • Find comfort in routine in meeting with the Lord daily
          • And much more


Other books by Grace Fox:

Peaceful Moments to Begin Your Day: Devotions for Busy Women

Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman

Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman's Guide to Peace in Every Situation

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