The Second Act, the Best of Life

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Whatever life phase you’re in, why wait for someday to pursue that thing you’ve always wanted to do? This week, Deb DeArmond talks about making the rest of your life the best of your life. 

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Inspired Life

This week, Deb DeArmond talked about what it was like raising three boys and working full-time. Never did she have “become a writer” on that list until someone told her she should write a book. Her journey to this goal began at age 55, and now she inspires people of all ages to consider what comes next. What is your “next”? 

 The Rush to Do it All 

In our conversation, Deb shared about how she took the leap and started a new career in the years when many people begin to coast. Our perception of how life should be after 50 often puts so much pressure on when we’re in those child-raising middle age year. We think if we don’t go it now, we’ll never get to the things we’ve always dreamed.  

There’s hope! More than ever before, it’s possible to focus on raising kiddos and building a career, knowing that other opportunities are not forever gone if we put them on pause for a bit. I’m a living testimony to the idea that I’m never finished with adventures to try new things. The second act can be even better than the first! 

Deborah DeArmond is an award-winning author, speaker, writing coach, and an executive business coach. Deb’s first three books focus on marriage and family relationship dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution. Her humorous devotional entitled Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes was published in late 2019. Her newest release, We May Be Done, But We’re Not Finished: Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life just released. She writes a monthly column for Lifeway Magazine. 

Life, Repurposed

When her friend Eve planted the idea of writing a book and nudged Deb to try, Eve’s words of wisdom included, “It may not be what you’ve done, but that doesn’t mean it’s not what God wants you to do. I dare you to ask God about that.” I love that idea of daring her to ask God about the idea. 

Brave and Daring Goals 

Today’s episode is about daring to ask God about your idea. Be brave and bold and listen to his direction as you share the desire of your heart. When you get to the place of not only being committed to something but convicted of it, then you’ll see action, Deb says. 

“Commitment is the promise to do something. Conviction is that you can’t talk me out of it.” —Deb DeArmond 

Recommended Resource


Deb and I talked about her brand-new book. I happen to have written two of the chapters in the book along with 22 other authors. It’s perfect for gift-giving to a friend or your mom—anyone who is starting the second act of life. 

We May Be Done, But We’re Not Finished: Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

The nest is empty, professional path established or concluded. It should be an exciting time. We’re free to pursue the possibilities. But it’s a little scary, too. Much of what has defined our lives for the last 30 years is no longer required. Having completed most of what was placed on our plate – raising kids, building careers, driving carpools and Little League, I firmly believe the best may still be ahead. 

This book challenges women 50+ and older to examine how the rest of their life might be the best of their life. Many may have wondered if they’ve accomplished the purpose for their lives as God intended. Here’s a clue: if you’re still here, the answer is no. Remember, adventure has no age limit! 

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