Book Recommendation – The Minimalist Home

The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker [post contains affiliate links] is a room-by-room guide to getting rid of excess and getting focused. In the book, Becker explains his method for sorting through excess and determining how to pare down to what we really need. He talks about emotional attachment to stuff,  and also explains the psychology behind why we sometimes give our possessions more value than they deserve.

Becker goes through each area of the home, explaining how to begin sorting, what potential hindrances to watch out for, and how minimizing can improve our health and wellbeing. The concept of a minimalist home is not one that is void of possessions or stark decorations. Instead, it is about keeping what we need and letting go of what we done. It’s about making our homes cozy and welcoming for guests and peaceful for ourselves.

I will admit that reading this book left me wanting to immediately head to my closet and start pulling out items to eliminate, followed by a purge of my kitchen drawers and the basement storage. It’s just that motivating and inspirational for me. Becker defines minimalism as intentionally promoting the things we most value by removing the things that distract us from them. That’s exactly what I needed to be reminded of!

I have talked about eliminating excess in two Life, Repurposed episodes:

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