Taking a Leap with Purpose and Passion | Rachel G. Scott

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Do you struggle with focus? Does it seem as if others know their direction but you don’t? In this episode, you’ll learn how boundaries can be your best friend when seeking to live out your purpose. My guest Rachel talks about being raised by her father and how it shaped who she is now as a passionate ministry leader and business owner. If you keep self-sabotaging, Rachel has some words of encouragement for you. And if you’re uncertain about taking a leap, Rachel talks about taking the first step.

About Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott is a devoted wife, mother, and Ohio native. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Taking the 5 Leaps, which releases March 2024. As founder of the I Can’t Come Down Movement, speaker, and podcast host, she desires to inspire believers to walk in their purpose and assignment as they boldly take leaps of faith.


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Show Notes

In this episode of the Life Repurposed, Rachel G. Scott a passionate ministry leader and business owner, shares her personal journey and offers words of encouragement to those who may be struggling to find their calling. This episode is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and biblical inspiration for anyone seeking to navigate life with faith, purpose, and hope.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of setting boundaries in order to stay focused on our calling. Rachel and Michelle discuss how boundaries can act as our best friend, protecting us from distractions and enabling us to pursue our purpose wholeheartedly. Whether it's saying no to certain commitments, prioritizing self-care, or creating healthy boundaries in relationships, these measures are essential for maintaining our focus and living a repurposed life.

The conversation also touches upon the concept of taking "leaps" in our journey. Rachel introduces five types of leaps: the builder's leap, the tentmaker leap, the fisherman leap, the trailblazer leap, and the shepherd leap. These leaps represent moments of change and growth, where individuals make significant moves in response to their calling. Whether it's temporarily leaving a job to homeschool children, pursuing a side ministry or business, or relocating to a new place, these leaps require great courage and trust in God's plan.

Another powerful theme in this episode is the connection between obedience and blessings. Michelle shares how her own blessings are a result of her obedience to God's calling in her life. She emphasizes that the blessings we receive are not solely for our benefit but also for others. By stepping into what God has called us to do and honoring our purpose, we align ourselves to receive an outpouring of blessings that can positively impact those around us.


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