Restart: Spiritual Transformation Grounded in Grace and Truth | Remade Part 2

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In this episode of "Life Repurposed," host Michelle Rayburn shares a powerful message about the importance of truth and grace in our lives. Drawing from the story of the apostle Paul, Michelle encourages listeners to ask God what changes or amends they need to make in their opportunity for a restart. She covers the misuse of scripture as a weapon, the idea of how we can be misguided in unintentionally putting traditions and legalism ahead of truth. Michelle explores the concept of personal and spiritual restarts, offering wisdom and inspiration for growth along with transparency in her own spiritual journey. This is part 2 of 4 in the ReMade series.


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Show Notes

Through personal anecdotes and the example of the apostle Paul, Michelle encourages listeners on a journey of self-reflection and growth—a restart!

Separating Truth from Tradition: Michelle dives deep into the need to separate truth from tradition, challenging listeners to critically examine the reasons behind their beliefs. Drawing from the story of Paul, who started off as a zealous persecutor of Christians, she reminds us that even with good intentions, we can go down the wrong path. It is important to question our traditions and ensure they align with timeless truths.

Awareness of Our Blind Spots: The podcast episode emphasizes the significance of being aware of our own blind spots. Michelle shares the powerful image of Paul's physical blindness symbolizing his spiritual blindness before his encounter with Jesus. This serves as a reminder that we, too, can be blinded by our own preconceived notions and biases. It is only through humility and openness to God's transformation that we can see clearly.

Finding the Balance of Truth and Grace: Michelle highlights the need for a balance of truth and grace in our interactions and faith. She openly shares her own journey of being a judgmental Christian, realizing the importance of connecting with people on an individual level rather than just proclaiming a message. By referencing the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18, she encourages listeners to humble themselves and extend grace to others.


This episode is based on the Remade Bible study series


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