Courage to Change Career and Believe in Your Calling

She climbed the corporate ladder, but at the top, her heart’s longing was to be at home with her family. Natalie Lavelock tells how she took the leap and left the safety of her job. Now, her message is that your real identity is not in what you do.

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Empathy Before Solutions: Purpose in Listening More

In my attempt to be “helpful,” I know I sometimes offer solutions when someone else was looking for empathy. If we listen and learn, we might discover the true needs of others and find space for understanding. Will you join me in practicing that skill?

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Handle Difficult Family Relationships by Changing Yourself First

What if you could repurpose family conflicts into personal growth, even if the relationships won’t ever be perfect? This week, Kolleen Lucariello talks about how she learned to see with eyes of grace. She also shares how she’s discovered a secure identity after struggling to find purpose.

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