Empowered for Purpose by Unique Strengths | Jenni Schubring

Are you using your strengths and abilities in a way that is uniquely aligned to your best life? This week, life coach Jenni Schubring talks about the CliftonStrengths assessment and how fulfilling life can be when we stop trying to be someone else.

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Where Passion and Purpose Intersect | Katie Leigh

Voice actress Katie Leigh is known for the popular roles she has played in films and on radio dramas (including Connie Kendall in Adventures in Odyssey), but what started out as a gig to pay the bills led to a calling and the path to true identity. Along the way, God has shown her how to find true joy.

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Life Rhythms and No-Guilt Spiritual Habits | Gwen Jackson

If you think you’re somehow broken because you don’t do spiritual growth habits the way everybody says you should, then you’ll enjoy this interview with Gwen Jackson, who explains three types of habits: daily rhythms, weekly-monthly, and seasonal.

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