Perfection Is Not a Destination

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In our conversation this week, Susan Macias shares practical wisdom about changing our perspective on mistakes, setting our sights on something other than perfection, and letting God redeem what we thought to be ruin.

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Have you ever felt as if God disappeared from your view? This week, my guest Susan Macias and I talked about how the stories of what God has done in the past helps us remember God is there in the present, even if it feels as if he isn’t working. We talked about how to keep our perspective and mindset on God in the difficult times. Susan said sometimes we can make the results into an idol. Isn’t that the truth! She said when results don’t go our way, it can cause us to doubt God’s plan. 

We don’t always know God’s purpose in something, and we might never know. Susan says God isn’t in a hurry. When we’re wondering, when is this going to get fixed? God has it all under control. We can rest in knowing that much. 

About Susan: 

Susan Macias is a writer, speaker, and teacher who works to train up an army of women in the second half of life to serve the Kingdom, confidently follow Jesus, and fight offensively in prayer for their families. She has published an award-winning book UNCEASING: A Parent’s Guide To Conquer Worry And Pray With Power and a devotional, 31 Days Praying For My Daughter. Susan is also the host of a podcast called We’re Not Done Yet! 

Life, Repurposed

Susan talked about perseverance through parenting—through hard things—through our own spiritual growth while trusting God for one step at a time. She gave some words of wisdom about perfection not being a destination, and that made me sit up and pay attention. 

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and it’s so far from perfect in a family. Housework and laundry are a never-ending thing. While we’re washing dishes from the last meal or snack, someone comes in and is hungry. Someone is always wearing clothes and making more laundry. About perfection, Susan said, “It’s not a destination. It’s just steps of faithfulness along the way.” What a great reminder! 

We can learn so much in the imperfect moments! The worst mistake or the hardest pain are places of God’s glory waiting to be shown. Susan remind us in this conversation that God will love us in the midst of it and lead us through it.  

“Without [God] it is all destruction and ruin. With him it is ruin that is redeemed.” —Susan Macias 

Recommended Resources

In our discussion, Susan mentioned the Dwell app. You can check that out and see if might be something to enhance your Bible reading time (annual and lifetime subscription options). 

Susan hosts at podcast called We’re Not Done YetThe show came from years of speaking to moms in the second half of life, who struggle to see how they can still be of use. 

For those who are empty nest moms, how can we answer God's call now, even after our failures and mistakes? Susan believes the enemy wants us to feel defeated and useless. But the Lord calls us to build his kingdom every day. Where can you serve the Lord in the second half of life? Susan’s podcast exists to help you figure that out. 

Susan also has two books that we talked about:  


Unceasing: A Parent's Guide to Conquer Worry and Pray With Power

In this book Susan Macias explains through personal stories and Scriptural examples how to stop worrying about our kids and pray effectively and powerfully instead. A parent of seven, five of whom are grown, Susan is well-acquainted with the worry and anxiety that plague a mother's heart. But she realized that not only did the worry not help any of her children's problems, but it actually hindered her relationships with her kids. During one particularly trying season, while reading the first chapter of Philippians, she realized it was a perfect outline for prayer. 





31 Days Praying For My Daughter: A Prayer Journal

This Scripture journal will lead you on an exciting 31-day journey of prayer. Each day's prayer is drawn straight from the Bible and the interactive journal gives specific guidance and questions to empower your prayer, while leaving room for you to personalize it for your own daughter. Subject areas covered: faith; identity; value; heart; relationships; personality; and path. There is nothing more valuable that you can do than pray for your daughter and this journal will help you pray with power and conviction! 





To read Susan’s chapter in Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith. 

You’ll find comfort, inspiration, and wisdom in these stories from women just like you. Every encouraging account shows hope and renewed faith as they have come through trials and tough times, including family struggles, infertility, health challenges, doubt, fear, human trafficking, depression, heartbreak, loss, and more. 

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