Delayed Doesn’t Mean Denied

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Becky Hofstad was 39 when she met her husband after a long season of wondering if she would ever marry. From marriage, to infertility, to adoption, she has has discovered that God might simply delay what she thinks he has denied.

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God’s Purpose Is Never Late 

Becky Hofstad talked about how God has used delays in her life to enrich her experience and her story. She met her husband at age 39 after a long process of people setting her up on dates, online dating, and singles groups. A successful chemist, she had a satisfying career and was content with her life. But a blind date changed all that. 

She shared how she felt most alone when she was single and searching for where she fit in with others in her church family. That community was ultimately a place to learn and grow while she waited for God’s next. 

When she did meet her husband, one of the things they talked through was having children. Becky had been content with the idea that she probably wouldn’t have children, but her husband really did want a family. When they weren’t able to conceive, they turned to adoption. 


About Becky: 

Becky Hofstad lives with her husband Mike and two adopted daughters, Naomi and Tutu, in a suburb of Minneapolis. Becky loves to write about the ways God has worked in her life. One of these stories is published in Short and Sweet: Angels in Disguise? Her writing has been recognized with awards from the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild and Faith Radio. She is currently revising a memoir and can be reached at 

Life, Repurposed

When Timing Is Out of Our Hands 

Becky talked about international adoption and how so many things were out of her control. No amount of hard work or phone calls would make a difference. She learned to trust that God had it worked out. When God did work, it built her faith. 

For the woman who is waiting for something, Becky understands. She says, “You never know what’s right around the corner.” God had plans she knew nothing about, surprise solutions she thought would never come. She said we can’t always see it as we live it, but she can look back and see that his timing was perfect, and even better than she could have planned. 

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