Courage to Change Career and Believe in Your Calling

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She climbed the corporate ladder, but at the top, her heart’s longing was to be at home with her family. Natalie Lavelock tells how she took the leap and left the safety of her job. Now, her message is that your real identity is not in what you do. 

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Natalie Lavelock felt unsettled in her nursing career, even though she had climbed the ladder at the hospital corporation where she worked. She was a nurse educator and an innovator for change in the organization 

The Brave Leap to Leave a Career 

Faced with a decision about whether to launch the business she always wanted or staying in her successful nursing career, she learned to rely on God for guidance.   

In our chat, she talked about taking the risk, what was at stake, and how she processed through it when she took the leap. Natalie came to terms with the “even ifs” she says. It was the question of whether she would follow God even if it meant losing everything to follow what he called her to.  

Even if it means losing everything, am I willing to follow what [God] is calling me to do?—Natalie Lavelock

About Natalie: 

Natalie Lavelock RN-MSN, Founder and CEO of Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting is an online business strategist who works with purpose-driven coaches, speakers, and health professionals who know they can be making a bigger impact but don’t have the programs or products to make that happen! Business owners hire Natalie to help them create custom, high-ticket coaching programs, online courses, and advanced training programs that give them the ability to serve at the highest level while living a life they love! 

Natalie is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in nursing education and over 15 years of experience specializing in program development, quality improvement, professional education and training in corporate healthcare. She has been working with leaders in the online space for over 6 years and believes it’s her highest calling to help entrepreneurs defy the odds of business success by equipping and empowering them to lead with integrity, embrace a culture of excellence and growth, and operate a business that shines as a light to the world. 

Life, Repurposed

What if Friends and Family Won’t Support Our Calling? 

In order to make a leap, Natalie says, we have to get out of the earthly realm. Many of the people around us might think our choices are crazy. She had the support of her friends and family, but not everyone does. Their advice often comes from an earthly perspective and not from one of God’s plan. 

In the time that she worked in the hospital and with the skills she honed, Natalie realized that God could pick her up and move her and use those skills in another place. Our identity isn’t in what we DO.


Pursuing Our Dreams Comes with Risk 

Natalie’s family learned to trust in God for his provision, especially when they were coming to the end of their reserves. God met that need with an unexpected check. I love how she was also transparent about how she acknowledges that she sometimes still doubts God’s plan when she can’t see how he is going to pull it off.

“That’s God. He works through the earthly things to provide the supernatural thing.” —Natalie Lavelock 


Recommended Resources

Natalie shared some wonderful resources that are available on her website. Check out this one: CEO Secrets - The 5 Secrets Successful CEOs Know that Allows them to Create a Business & Life they Love 

That bundle also includes: 

  • 90-day Profit Plan training (video & workbook) 
  • Business-building workbooks to get you on the fast track to being be the CEO of a business and life you love! 

Find Natalie on  

To read Natalie’s chapter in Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith. 


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