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A Grinch-Proof Christmas and the True Spirit of the Holiday Season
Michelle reflects on the joys and challenges of the holiday season, sharing personal insights and practical wisdom about embracing the true essence of Christmas. Read more

Trusting God's Purpose When Life Takes a Turn | Sarah E Frazer
In this episode: In this episode, Michelle welcomes guest Sarah Frazer, author of the book "I Didn't Sign Up For This." Sarah shares her story of how God revealed his plans through disruptions in her life and how she had to let go of her own plans and dreams to follow his path. From redefining what is "good" to navigating the challenges of adoption and pursuing missions work, Sarah's journey offers encouragement and perspective for those facing unexpected situations in life. Tune in to discover how faith and biblical wisdom can help navigate life's unexpected journeys. Sarah E. Frazer is a writer, Bible study mentor, wife of Jason, and mother of five. With a background in missionary work and Bible teaching, her passion is to encourage women to start today with a Bible reading and prayer habit. She shares tools and encouragement for Bible study and prayer study on her website, , and at@sarah_e_frazer.   (Article contains affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission from that purchase.) Show Notes Life is full of twists and turns, often taking us on unexpected journeys that we never signed up for. Sarah Frazer's journey is a testament to how God can reveal his plans through disruptions in our lives. Despite growing up in a family of faith, Sarah made a conscious decision to believe for herself. However, her dreams of becoming a missionary and teacher were shifted by God's plan, leading her on a remarkable path. Sarah and her family found themselves needing to let go of something they held dear, which proved to be a challenging and transformative experience. Yet, they sought counseling and focused on biblical truths to heal and grow in their faith. Sarah's vulnerability shines through her Read more

Renewed: How Our Lives Become Testimonies to God's Transforming Work | ReMade Part 4
In this episode: In this episode of Life Repurposed with Michelle Rayburn, we dive deep into the power of words and the transformative journey of Paul. Michelle shares her personal stories and insights, reminding us to never underestimate the impact our lives can have on others. From soldiers finding lifelines in letters to her grandparents courting during World War 2, we explore the remarkable connections formed through written words. Michelle challenges us to examine our priorities, hearts, and fruit, while emphasizing the hope and victory found in Christ's love. Join us as we discover how to live a life that reflects Christ's light and transform our weaknesses into beautiful testimonials. Let's embrace our new nature and be renewed in the knowledge of God.   (Article contains affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission from that purchase.) Show Notes In this captivating episode of "Life Repurposed" with host Michelle Rayburn, we embark on a journey of renewal, purpose, and transformation. Michelle begins by sharing her own personal experiences, reflecting on the power of words and the impact they can have on our lives. Drawing inspiration from the letters exchanged between soldiers during war and her grandparents' courtship through letters in World War II, Michelle beautifully illustrates how our lives are like letters to others. Key Takeaways: Throughout the episode, Michelle delves into the remarkable life of the apostle Paul, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to finishing the work assigned to him by Jesus. From Paul's struggles with sin and the ultimate hope found in Jesus Christ, Michelle sheds light on the transformative power of faith and the importance of keeping our eyes fixed on Christ. Michelle encourages her listeners to examine their priorities, hearts, and the quality of their Read more

Repurposed: The Power of Before and After | ReMade Part 3
In this episode, Michelle explores the idea of personal transformation and what it means to be repurposed. Read more

Restart: Spiritual Transformation Grounded in Grace and Truth | Remade Part 2
Drawing from the story of the apostle Paul, Michelle encourages listeners to ask God what changes or amends they need to make in their opportunity for a restart. Read more