Do We Use “God is In Control” to Cover Up Our Neglect?

Today, I’m adding a new feature to the blog. I thought I’d tackle a hot topic (or maybe it’s more of a hot-button issue) to get you thinking. I’ll be bringing up some topics for thought on Thursdays in the future too.
I hear the phrase “God is in control” often, but sometimes, it seems as though we use it to cover up our own lack of prayer and planning. For example, let’s say I procrastinate a project that’s as big as Mount Rushmore, and then the night before it’s due, I sit down and try to extract an idea from my dried up brain. Now, let’s imagine I beg for sympathy from my friends about my time dilemma, but when one of them asks why I didn’t budget my time better and plan ahead, I respond with, “God is in control. It will all work out.”
Really? Will it all work out if I haven’t used my God-given ability and organized the project in such a way that it would be completed long before the deadline? Is it okay to give less than my best knowing that God is all-powerful? Can I expect God to be the fixer of my intentional neglect? Of course, He can fix anything. But is it right to use “God is in control” as the antidote to my irresponsibility.
I don’t see how it’s any different than driving towards a cliff with the throttle wide open with every intent of flying right off the edge and hoping God will scoop me up before gravity takes its toll. On the way down, bystanders call out their warning, but only hear my, “It’s okay…God is in control,” echo off the canyon walls right before the big explosion.
On the other hand, I very much DO believe God is in control. Thank goodness He knows what’s up when we receive bad news from the doctor even when we’ve lived a healthy lifestyle. Thank goodness He’s there when projects and plans go awry despite careful planning and organizing. And thank goodness He’s all-knowing, because I’m so forgetful I can’t even remember that the last place I had my glasses was right on top of my head.
So, tell me what you think of all this rambling. Do you think we ever toss the phrase around when trying to cover up our own irresponsibility? Maybe you disagree with my analysis. Or if you agree, how can we respond when someone uses that expression on us to seemingly discount a legitimate concern?
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