The Life, Repurposed podcast offers practical real-life tips to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, stories about repurposed life, and fun before-and-after ideas. In the show notes you can find summaries of each episode,  quotes from my guests, recommended resources, and links to find resources and interact with the guest on the web.





Podcast Christmas Party: A Variety Show

This week, it’s a Christmas variety show with some of my friends from the Christian Podcasters Association. Several friends have each put together a 5-minute Christmas episode for my listeners. Enjoy the music, radio theatre, and Christmas reflections.

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Grace Enough and Daily Gratitude

How can we respond when we’re at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next? What if we cave to stress or mess up? In this episode, guest Amber Cullum talks with me about how she found that God’s grace was enough when she could never be enough. And she shared how a gratitude list helps to keep her in the right mindset.

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How the Fire Refines Us: Five Ways to Look at 2020

Very little about this year has been easy. But it can still be good. What if it is all an opportunity to become better people? What if the fire is what refines us? In this episode, I talk through options for how we can respond, and I leave you with a resource about going through trials.

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From Depression and Anxiety to Hope and Healing

In this episode, I sit down with Dena Dyer, author of Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts. She shares her journey through postpartum depression and is so vulnerable in telling her story. Listen in to learn how to find hope and healing in the midst of depression and anxiety.

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