The Life, Repurposed podcast offers practical real-life tips to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, stories about repurposed life, and fun before-and-after ideas. In the show notes you can find summaries of each episode,  quotes from my guests, recommended resources, and links to find resources and interact with the guest on the web.





Saying Yes Could Change Your Life

What if saying no more often isn’t the answer? Maybe we just need a better yes. If you’re ready to say no to things that someone needs FROM you and yes to better opportunities FOR you, this is episode is for you. Stop closing the wrong doors and discover a more hopeful future.

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Using Online Conversations for Good—It’s Possible!

Could you use a little more kindness on social media? Would you appreciate less arguing and more objectivity? Daniel Darling talks this week about how we use our words in the digital space and how we can change our own behavior to make a difference.

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How to Increase Self-Control and Emotional Maturity

If we go through life reacting to circumstances like emotional babies, drama will follow us wherever we go. In this episode, we explore ways to change from being highly reactive into people who can cope using emotional maturity and self-control. 

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The Practice of Audacious Generosity

Kevin White found himself in a performance trap in bondage to the fear of failure. Fired from the ministry, this painful experience afforded him the freedom to live generously. He asked God to give his family food so that others could eat. In one year, they went from a family needing food to sharing food with over 500 families per month.

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