The Life, Repurposed podcast offers practical real-life tips to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, stories about repurposed life, and fun before-and-after ideas. In the show notes you can find summaries of each episode,  quotes from my guests, recommended resources, and links to find resources and interact with the guest on the web.





Courage to Change Career and Believe in Your Calling

She climbed the corporate ladder, but at the top, her heart’s longing was to be at home with her family. Natalie Lavelock tells how she took the leap and left the safety of her job. Now, her message is that your real identity is not in what you do.

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Empathy Before Solutions: Purpose in Listening More

In my attempt to be “helpful,” I know I sometimes offer solutions when someone else was looking for empathy. If we listen and learn, we might discover the true needs of others and find space for understanding. Will you join me in practicing that skill?

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Handle Difficult Family Relationships by Changing Yourself First

What if you could repurpose family conflicts into personal growth, even if the relationships won’t ever be perfect? This week, Kolleen Lucariello talks about how she learned to see with eyes of grace. She also shares how she’s discovered a secure identity after struggling to find purpose.

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I chose Destiny Rescue as the place to donate a portion of the royalties from my Life, Rerpuposed book. Today is an awareness day about trafficking. Would you take a few moments to hear what Destiny Rescue is doing around the world?Destiny Rescue's Executive Director of Project Nations, Rob, says the biggest lesson he has learned from survivors is their "resilience" after a life of abuse. Listening to survivors has helped shape our organization's reintegration service around the world. Hear from Rob, what survivors have taught us and continue to teach us: #humantraffickingawareness #endhumantrafficking #destinyrescue #childtrafficking #endchildtrafficking #onechildistoomany #rescue #freedom #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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Sarah pushed herself too hard and experienced physical burnout at a young age. What have you experienced when you ignored the warning signs from your body? #warningsignsofburnout #practiceselfcare #liferepurposedpodcast ... See MoreSee Less
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I'm honored to be the author of two of the chapters in this new release. Friends, 50 is just the beginning! This book has stories from women who are thriving in the second act of life. You'll find the book here! (Affiliate Link)#notfinished ... See MoreSee Less
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Sarah Buckland is a Jamaican millennial who is passionately pursuing God and sharing the message he has placed on her heart. But when she pushed herself too hard, she learned how to make rest a priority. #selfcare #signsofburnout #liferepurposedpodcast ... See MoreSee Less
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