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Blessings…What Does that Really Mean?

How do you sign your e-mails or your letters to people?

I sign many greetings with “Love, Michelle.” That’s because much of what I write is to family and close friends. Business correspondence, I sign with “Regards,” or “Sincerely.” But what about the in-between communication?

Sometimes “love” is too familiar, but “regards” is too stuffy. Then what? Warmly? Maybe. Best? That could work. 

Often, I sign my greetings with “Blessings.” What does that mean? Do I use it too flippantly, without giving it enough thought? I hope not. To me, it says:

  • An abundance of peace to you.
  • May God bless you with his favor.
  • I pray God protects you from harm.
  • I wish you much happiness.
  • I care about you.
  • I hope good things come your way.
Our world is so full of negative words. We hear self-serving words, cutting words, and harsh words on a daily basis. It’s on television. It’s in the checkout lane. It’s around us in conversations we overhear. And it’s even in our own written communication and conversations. 

In a world of negative, I want to speak something positive. Lord, help me not to take my words lightly. Let my words be full of meaning that would genuinely bless others, and not empty words I toss on a page or in the air. 

More Uses for Piano Parts

Recently, I featured a table my dad made from the parts of an old piano. This week, I’d like to show you a few other projects he created. The part of the piano where music would usually rest is a beautiful piece of wood with ornate trim. He turned it into a wall feature to be used as a photo ledge. 

I spent many hours with music spread on that easel. It’s nice to keep it all in one piece in its retirement days. 


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What to Do With an Old Piano – Upcycled Project

I am so excited to show this project! My dad has gotten on the trash to treasure bandwagon and started creating his own projects. After trying to get rid of their big upright grand piano, my parents decided the only thing they could do was disassemble it and use the wood for projects. 

I felt terrible about it, because it was the piano I grew up playing and it was still in working condition. But I had no place to put the beast! And neither did anyone else. So, imagine my happiness when my dad came up with this!

He made it for my sister out of the wood from the piano, and he recessed the keys in sort of a shadow box. This photo doesn’t include the glass, but he had a piece of heavy duty safety glass cut for the top that fit perfectly in the inset groove.

Since the above table is for my sister, he’s working on a second one for me. Yay! Notice how he reused even the foot pedals. 


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Guest Room Makeover with White Pickle Glazed Furniture

When we moved out of our room and turned our son’s former room into a master bedroom, we gained a guest room. I turned our old tiny bedroom into a guest room. When we lived in it, we could barely walk around the queen-sized bed with our two dressers in the room. Now, with a smaller bed I was able to create a pleasing and inviting arrangement.

 The metal bed was a freebie a neighbor was tossing out.

I had before and after photos of this dresser. But I seem to have misplaced them. Or deleted them. Oops. I painted them white, glazed with antique brown, and sealed with paste wax.

I hauled my sewing cabinet into the guest room from another room since it matched the other furniture and it’s a great place to do a quick mend on something in there.

Proof that even an odd arrangement can work if the furniture is monochromatic.

The chair is part of a set that I purchased at a yard sale. I love white wicker and it’s inviting in the guest room as a place to set a tote bag, a place to sit to put on shoes, or a place to read a book.

Just in case you’re worried about where we booted my son to in order to gain a guest room…He seldom comes home from college, so he moved to a smaller den we have on the lower level, leaving an extra room on the main level. I haven’t had a guest room since giving birth 21 years ago. A strange new phase of life, this empty nesting.


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Creative Kitchen Sink Splash Guard

Have you ever considered how to prevent some of the water splashing around the kitchen sink. Outside of just skipping washing dishes, that is. 
When I repainted the kitchen, I had to repair some water damage above the sink, and I hate the puddle that forms when water runs to the side. So I came up with a pretty solution. 

This ceramic plate fits behind the faucet, and within the stainless steel groove of the sink. Now, when I get carried away with the soap and water, it runs back into the sink. It’s functional and pretty. There was a rectangle one at the store that I really wanted but it was three times the price. This one will do just fine. Yes, indeed.


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