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It’s Tuesday…but it feels like a Monday

Wow. It was hard to get back into a routine today. And then it felt like a Monday. I’ve been feeling kind of blue and then on the news tonight they mentioned that it has been 12 days since we have seen the sun. That could explain it! Now that I think about it, I […]

Looking back at 2005

Farewell 2005. It has been a year to remember. A year of hello’s. We said hello to a new adventure and accepted a ministry position at Arrowhead Bible Camp and began our support raising. We embraced new challenges with God’s grace. I became a full-time student all over again and said hello to deadlines, assignments […]


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The birds helped me plant some flowers this summer and they are blooming now. Funny thing is, the birds will get to eat the seeds these blossoms produce too. 🌻 ... See MoreSee Less

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If you have used Thrifty Car Rental before and have had a terrible experience, please share this post and comment.

I think it is crazy to keep someone's money and not deliver any service at all. Did you know that if you prepay online and then they choose not to rent a car to you, they can keep your entire down payment? Ridiculous! Someone needs to stop it.

If you try to dispute it through your credit card, they will delete the conversation thread from your customer account on Thrifty and you can't even look back to prove you contacted them about it. ... See MoreSee Less

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All this snow today makes me think of sledding! Have you seen all the different ways people are upcycling old sleds? Hit "like" if you think they are amazing! Tell us where you would put one in you...

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We love when our readers share their upcycle/repurposed projects.

@G lamar crowe shared photos of his desk made from an old piano. We think he did a beautiful job. See more pics in the comments as ...

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