The new blogzine format includes posts that have three elements:  1) a practical real-life article to inspire you to repurpose your own struggles or challenges into growth opportunities, 2) a fun repurposed or before-and-after idea, and 3) a reading recommendation for you to consider. Check out the podcast or vlog for this content on the go! Michelle loves books, all things trash-to-treasure, and helping women discover hope - something she hopes you enjoy in every issue!




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Do you find yourself apologizing for things that are out of your control? Do you see yourself as less-than? Develop and awareness of how often you apologize, break the lies that keep you from seeing your God-given value, and learn how you can take steps to live in the light of truth.

Check out the show notes in Issue 11 on the blog to get the full post, links, and photos that accompany this episode.

And check a post on Instagram for info about how the Easter egg in this episode is your entry ticket for a free book giveaway.

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Something as simple as new curtains for my office can make me smile. That and finishing another podcast and blog episode. And chocolate. And coffee. Ok lots of things make me smile.

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The latest episode of my Life, Repurposed podcast just came out, and in this episode (both the podcast and the YouTube video), I have an “Easter egg” hidden in the audio. Here’s how you can get yourself entered into a drawing for free print copy of my book, “The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: When God Turns Trash to Treasure.”

1. Listen to the podcast or YouTube video. It’s titled “Stop Apologizing: The Truth About the Lies that Hold Us Back.” You’ll find links to that episode at

2. When you find out what the secret phrase is, send me a DM - a direct message- on Instagram (only Instagram) and tell me what the secret phrase is. My IG name is michellerayburn. That post is at

3. Tag your friends in this post and share if you think they would be interested in entering for a free book!

You have until Easter Sunday 2019 to enter. I will draw one name from those who have sent me a DM with the secret code and will notify the winner on the Monday after Easter to get your mailing info so I can send your free book@.
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These are cute!How awesome are these flash card garlands? Made with vintage beads and flash cards. I don’t have any children and I’m thinking I need one for my house! #comeshopping #fallcreekwi #eauclairewi #fun #reimagineec #flashcards#schooltime#mathfun #garland#repurpose #alwaysthinking #becreative #outoftheboxideas ... See MoreSee Less

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